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The Flight Director

and the Doctor

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 I learned early on wit my letter writing and requests for autographs that the best way to reach someone important was to go through the public relations office with a heart warming kid type letter to win over the department heads.

William O'Donnell  -Washington News Chief for NASA


or I'm a 14 years old kid, send me stuff.

Nassa photo8.tif

Press Kits Included: Project Gemini 4, Project Gemini 7/6 and a kit for the Surveyor B mission to the moon in 1966, and Voyagers trip to Mars.

I hit pay dirt and began a correspondence for over a year with  NASA, Washington Chief William O'Donnell, who added me to a special mailing list to receive what was called "The Press Kit", of notes on a participial flight or event.

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