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Christmas Toy Catalogs

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How many times did we pick up a new Christmas toy catalogue that was sent outby Macy’s, Woolworth’s or Gimbels during the mid-fifties and dream about talking our parents into buying us something if not everything that excited us. You would see it all from dolls, coloring books, records, cap guns, trucks, paint sets, drum sets, Lincoln Logs, pedal cars, airplanes, chemistry labs, doll houses, model kits,and especially train sets. Then the world changed in a big way when kid television shows started hyping toys with live toy demonstrations, and filmed commercials. Now there wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t see a toy being promoted on our favorite shows.

Prior to the rise of advertising toys on television with commercials the only way we learned what new toys were coming out that year was when we visited our local toy store or spotted an ad in the newspapers and magazines. This usually took place right before the holiday season.

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