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Help Save Opera Singer Diane Bellin Being Treated Poorly by her Caretaker and Brother on the Upper West Side of New York

I discovered Diane Bellin in her apartment with Iron Gates all the Windows, Roaches in her Bed, on the Walls, Smells and Filth on the floors. She has been in this bed for almost a decade. She has bed sores and rashes.

Photos show the iron gates on all the windows. I opened up the gates, put my fan in the window to help get the smell out, and threw out garbage. I bought window screens to keep bugs out and avoided a fire

I called her caretaker Chris Crowley on Wednesday July 10th 2019 and she never returned a call Sunday July 14th. Chris wasn't around or answering calls when I called the EMS to take Diane to the hospital, at that moment the Black Out came. She deserves to be treated with respect. NO AIR CONDITIONING

This shows all the rooms in Diane Bellins Apartment I rewired, there still could be a fire. I bought new plugs and better extension cords, but the place needs to be rewired.

Descriptions of each picture to follow 

Descriptions of each picture to follow 

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