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Ford Power Steering, Ford Used Cars, 1957 April is Dodge Trucks Month, 1957 Plymouth Execler - Convertible -at the Drive-In, Dodge 1957, Plymouth rides over torture track, Volkswagen 1964, Goodyear tire, explosive test, Van Heusen Car Wash, Chrysler Simca, DuPont Anti-Icers, 1964 Ford with Bill McCutcheon, Dodge, 1967 Chevy, 1967 Chevy Truck, Hertz with Lou Jacobi, Hertz Survivor's Manual, Cougar Ford, Chemical Bank Car Loans, State Farm Insurance, Volkswagen, Goodyear Suburbanite with safety spikes, 1969 Rebel - for teaching driving crazy drivers, American Motors, 1959 Plymouth, 1956 Nash, Edsel Show - Various commercials, 1958 Edsel Ranger Series, Corsair Station Wagons, Edsel 1958 push button driving, and much more.

Classic Car Commercials of the 50s & 60s Vol. 3

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