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Remember those tunes tied to your favorite (or least favorite) products, that you couldn’t get out of your head? Of course you do--well, we’ve put together a videotape mixing some of the most memorable, a few of the funniest, and a sampling of some of the rarest jingle-based commercials of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, all for your enjoyment. Just when you thought it was safe to watch TV again, we’re bringing you the infectious jingles and signature tunes associated with Country Corn Flakes (based on Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land”), Winston cigarettes (they taste good--like a cigarette should), Ballantine beer (which had more jingles than most of us ever knew), Alka Seltzer (“No Matter What Shape Your Stomach’s In”), Sominex, Reinhold beer, Ipana Toothpaste, Slinky, Tootsie Roll, Cracker Jacks , Brylcreme and Coca Cola, plus rock ‘n roll jingle oddities like Adams Sour Gum (“Sour Power”).

Classic Jingles Vol. 1

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