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1964 Falcon, Kodak Film, Bristol Meyers, Ipana Toothpaste, Vitalis, Singer Sewing Machine, Chatty Cathy, DiMaggio Dugout, Buitoni, Geritol, Sominex, Serutan, Electric shave, Johnson’s Food Soap, Polident Tablets, Re Cross, Geritol, Glo-Coat, Glade Air Freshener, Pledge Oldsmobile, Winston Cigarettes, Christmas Seals 1963, Slinky Building Toy, Toer Ficks, Food Fair, Stella Dora Cookies, Cheerio, Sears Compactor, Purina Cat Chow, Pepto Bismol, Reynolds Wrap, Mrs. Paul Fish Sticks, Whirlpool, Dutch Master, White rain, Toni Home Permanent, Halo Shampoo, Fab, Colgate Dental Creme, Ajax Cleaner, Palmolive Bath Soap, Lestoil, Paint Set, Gun et, RX4 Cough Drops, Revell Model kit, Pop A Day, Cocoa Marsh and a lot more.

Classic TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s - Vol. 33

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