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This tape is a nostalgia bonanza. It includes live clips of Sonny Fox doing a Good Humor commercial on the 1950s children's show WONDERAMA, Sandy Becker doing a Bosco Chocolate Drink spot, and GRANPA'S PLACE endorsing both Flavor Straws and the Remco Radio Station. A rare series of Colorform commercials hypes the Popeye Cartoon Kit. There are also other advertisements for: Miss Cookies Kitchen, The Great Garloo, King Zor, a Rin Tin Tin toy contest, Slinky, Kellogg's Rice and Wheat Honeys featuring Mary Poppins plastic figure premiums, Duncan Sportline Yo Yos, PF Flyer's adventure to save the scientist, Sticky Fingers, Buster Brown shoes, Fluffer Nutter, The Greatest Show on Earth, Wisnik, Dixie cups, Lays Potato Chips (featuring Burt Lahr), Remco's Yankee Doodle Missile Base, Tiny Tears, Drive-in Movie Theater, Cocoa Marsh Chocolate Drink with a Space Man Pez Dispenser premium, Toodles Baby Doll, Big Wheel, Marx Targetland Rifle Range, The Best of the West with Johnny West dolls + more

Kids TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s Vol. 11

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