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This volume improves upon an already outstanding series, including ads for the following: Kelloggs cereal with a Smaxey Playball premium, Chatty Baby and Family, Clackers, Hershey Instant Chocolate Milk, Frosted Flakes, Quisp & Quick Space Adventure, Franken Berry & Count Chocula, KoolPops, Chee-tos, Trix, Shasta Cherry Coke, Wheaties, Cheerios Double Trouble car premium, Pebbles cereal, Frito Bandito song, Big Thumb, Barbie & her friend BJ, Billy Blastoff Space Base, Chatty Cathy, Robin Hood Hat, Cheerios with its mountain climber, Stella Doro cookies. And several commercials for such Johnson and Johnson products as First Aid Cream, No More Tears shampoo, and Band Aids Plastic Strips. There are also quite a few interesting celebrity endorsement ads: Bugs Bunny and the Monkeys pushing Kool Aid, Andy Griffith hyping Post Toasties, the Road Runner advertising a Plymouth sale, the Flintstones selling One-a-Day Vitamins, Bill and Cora Beard with their puppets promoting Brylcreme + more

Kids TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s Vol. 13

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