An hour's worth of commercials dealing with all aspects of a kid's life circa 1950-67. Older baby-boomers may remember Space Patrol's Space Binoculars (they make you look "like a man from Mars," Howdy Doody hawking Tootsie Rolls, and the Lone Ranger pushing Cheerios and the Lone Ranger Rapid-fire Revolver. Billy Mumy in his pre-LOST IN SPACE days demonstrates the Dick Tracy Snub-nose .38 and Tommy Gun, and the Gilbert company presents its erector sets, chemistry, astronomy, electronic, and physics sets and kits. Anyone who was growing up in the mid-1960's will recall Thimble City Union Station, the Lionel Train sets with missile-launching cars, and G.I. Joe's Hill 79 game and the Lost Capsule adventure, and games like Mouse Trap and Pie Face. More great spots include Burp Gun, Mattel's blue box, Mouse-Geetar with Jimmy Dodd, See 'N Say, Hot Wheels, Vac-u-Form, Patta-Burp Doll, Baby First Step, Thing Maker in color, Cheerful Tearful Doll, Creepie Peepie, Time Machine.

Kids TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s Vol. 06