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Includes Jingle Jump (with song), PF Flyers with Johnny Quest magic ring, Nabisco, Coke roller coaster, American Heritage Books, Smilin' Ed for Buster Brown, three One-a-Day Vitamin spots, three Lipton Soup spots, The Speedy Alka Seltzer Collection with six commercials including two with Buster Keaton, Halo Shampoo, Snickers, Beanie and Cecil, Suzie Furniture, Tippie Tin Music Box, Charming Chatty, Chatty Baby, Strum Fun, Barbie, Casper Guitar, Beanie and Cecil Dolls, Lie Detector, Casper Doll, Sonar Sub Hunt, and much more.

Kids TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s Vol. 09

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