Beany and Cecil Disguise Kit, Mattel Modern Furniture, Swivel Gun, Poppy Music Box, Tip Tin, Winchester Saddle Gun, Charmin Chatty, Chatty Baby, Buffalo Hunter Set, Mattel Holsters, Strum Fun Guitar, Beany and Cecil Talking Dolls, Casper Talking Doll, Snub Gun 38, Matty Mattel, Casper and Sister Bell talking dolls, Chatty Baby carriage, Popeye and Mickey Jack in the Box, Mattel holster, Dick Tracy Power Jet, Talk to Cecil Game, Blaze talking horse, Popi Fashions, Betsy McCall, Dick Tracy Radio, Little Miss Echo, New Tiny Tears, Tressy, Saucy Walker, Patty Play Pal, Playstone project kits, DX Getaway Chase Game, DX Talking Santa, DX Talking Santa # 2, 1911 Mercer Runabout model, Battling Betsy Model Kit, Coleco - 1973, Wilt Chamberlain Basketball, Stanley Cup Hockey, Command Control Football, Table Top Billiard "The Champ" Coach Hank Strahm Decision Football, Bowl-A-Matic 300, Suzy Homemaker sets 1971, Smarty Pants, Zoom Boomer Cars Stopper, Archie Bunker Grandson Doll.

Television Toys from the 50s & 60s Vol. 05