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This is an incredible reel of Newport Cigarette commercials from the late Fifties and early Sixties which set a mood for the TV world of the Menthol Cigarette. These appeal to the average working person usually depicting a couple enjoying themselves by the water, a bridge, or a mountainside walkway, associating Menthol with a refreshing, open-air environment. Aimed at the average person, these classic spots include action shots of people: water-skiing, hunting, fishing, sailing, golfing, snorkeling, swimming, playing the drums and the piano, dog-walking, riding a bus, walking by the water's edge, canoeing at night, as well as a vintage assortment of driving scenes. There are also occupational shots of bank guards, airplane pilots, a tug boat pilot, gag writers, corporate board executives, barber shop singers, a snake charmer, as well as situational spots in a coffee shop, a locker room, a tropical scene, as well as a depiction rush hour both on a subway and in Grand Central Station.

The Newport Cigarette Commercials

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