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You didn't go into someone's kitchen or refrigerator without seeing some of these products being used. Many names you might still remember. This is the place to see them in their advertising's embryonic stages of TV. It's a veritable TV grocery store which includes spots of buttermilk products; Sunbeam bread; Bond Bread; Bumble Bee Tuna; Maxwell House; Ez Pop Popcorn; Korger Eggs; the Ajax Swirl; Vel with Inger Stevens; Rinso; Wonder Bread; Beacon Wax; Bravo; Accent; Aunt Jemimah Syrup; English Muffins; O.J. (including one with Mickey Mantle); Campbell's Tomato Soup; Pizza Rye Crisps; Tide; All; Cheer; Reynold's Wrap; Cheerios; Anderson Split Pea; Nabisco; Veri-Thin Pretzels; Hydrox; Hellman's; Best Food Sandwich Spread; Swan Tablets; MJB Coffee; Mazola Margarine; Coke; Pepsi; Sugar Cane 99; Tetley Tea; Karo Syrup; Niagara Starch; Good Seasons; Firewax; Borden Potato Mix; topped off with an extraordinary series of Elsie the Cow introducing Borden's Ice Cream. And there's even more!

The Video Supermarket

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