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Take a look into womens commercials of the fifties and sixties with : Starlight Puffs, Suave, Tandem, Woodbury, Dove Shampoo, Pert, Broadcast Hash, Singer Sewing Machine, VO5, Breck Creme Rinse, Campbells, Lifebuoy, Geritol, Niagara, Tide, Reynolds Wrap, Ballantine, Quick Perm, Quick, Ivory, Camay, Hills, Jello, Cheesecake, Pizza, Paquin, Sugar Cane 99, Vel, Cabin Craft Carpet, Metrocal, Campbell's, Kimbies, Van Camps, Tigree, Old Spice, Corn Silk, Bold, Cold Power, Colgate 100, Ajax, Cottage Cheese, Pepsodent, My T Fine, Green Mint Mouthwash, Purolator Oil Filter, Just Wonderful Hair Spray, Appland Hand Creme, Lovable Bra, Dorothy Cosmetics, RCA Range, Swiss Creme, Ronson Lighter, Flowing Velvet, Calgon, Phone, Champale, Helene Curtis Hair Spray.

Women's Commercials Vol. 2

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