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The Golden Age of Lost Television


"One Man’s Obsession with the Past creates a wave of Nostalgia”
                              -Ron Alexander, The New York Times
  "(Ira Gallen is) One of the Industry’s Top Tracers of lost film and Television.
                                      - New York Daily News
"These Commercials and Television Shows are a Social History of the way we were over fifty years ago, it’s more then a Nostalgia buff can stand.”

                                  -Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight

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The goal is to take these one of a kind 16mm & 35mm celluloid Television Shows, Kinescopes, Newsreels, Cartoons, Home Movies, Educational films, Travelogues, Documentaries and especially thousands of TV Commercials that have been restored to 2k/4k High Definition imagery and create an Interactive Syndicated Series produced by the staff and students that Amazon, Netflix and especially the Disney Channel would want to acquire.

Where Robert Osborn was the spirit that brought an audience of all ages to appreciate restored Hollywood Motion Pictures through Turner Classic Movies; my credentials show that I can do the same with The Golden Age of Lost Television, and create an awarding winning series, Global Data Base and Educational programs that will draw media and public attention because of the unique content and approach.

Excuse Work in Progress With the Layout & listings

HD 2k Television Shows & Specials - incomplete

Children's Television

Rootie Kazootie Collection

The Great Foodini

Juvenile Jury

Mr. Imagination

The Billy Johnson Show

Super Circus Collection

The Big Top

Grandpa’s Place

Ding Dong School Collection

Winky Dink and You

Paul Winchell Show

Star Time Kids

Flash Gordon

Space Patrol

Joe DiMaggio Club House

Star Time Kids

Rocky Jones Space Ranger

Space Patrol

Jungle Jum

Andy's Gang

Diver Dan

The Mary Hartline Show

Adventures of Robin Hood 

Sky King

Captain Midnight

Wonderama Sony Fox

Magic Clown

Dramatic Shows 

The Awakening

Buster Keaton

The Wedding March

Arlene Dahl Larry Parks

Game Shows

A Dollar A Second

54 Thousand Dollar


Lost Black History Discoveries

Night Beat with Mike Wallace Dumont TV

interviewing Thurgood Marshall 1954

Harlem Theatre 1968

introducing cast today.

Caught in the Middle 1970

Morgan Freeman

Newark Riots CBS News

Coverage 1966

On Location Shafts Big Score

& Gordon Parks

​A Conversation with Leonard Jackson 1973

Includes film shorts,silent films, commercials.

Morning Shows

The Breakfast Club Don McNeil

The George Gobel Show

Oh Kay with Kay Kendall

OK Mother -Dennis James

Easter Parade Dumont TV 1957

Tennessee Ernie Ford Show

Religious Shows

Amahl and the Night Visitors 

Faith for Today Series

New Horizon Series

Cathedral of Tomorrow (Rex Humbard)  

Free Press Changes 

Life is Worth Living, Bishop Sheen

 Episcopal Radio TV Foundation "sexy"

Sport Shows

Live Boxing Dumont

Live Wrestling  Dumont

Live Bull Fighting Dumont

Baseball Games & Highlights

Variety Shows 

Lost Art Fords Jazz Show 

Old American Barn Dance

Dinah Shore Show

The Peggy Lee Show

 Roy Rodgers Variety

Your Hit Parade

The Bob Cosby Show

The Gary Moore Show

Milt Grant Dance Show

Art Fords Greenwich Village

Polka Parade

Perry Como Show

The Ray Anthony Show

 Freddy Martin Show

Grand Old Opry

Kate Smith Show

Showtime Bob Cosby

Lawrence Welk

Coke Time Eddie Fisher

Comedy Shows

Broadway Open House Jerry Lester

​Fireball Fun for All - Olson & Johnson 

Colgate Comedy Eddie Cantor

introducing Joel Grey 1953

Colgate Comedy Hour

Jimmy Durante  Frank Sinatra

The Martha Raye Show

Donald O'Connor Show

Colgate Comedy Abbott & Costello


Young Peoples Concert:

Leonard Bernstein

The Dave Brubeck Pilot

This is Music: Johnny Mercer

View the Remaining Celluloid Film Collection  in Storage.

Students get a rare hands on experience with Decomposing Celluloid Films to Examine -View content in storage.

ABC Nightline Ira Gallen  Toys Big Business 1994

News Reports



 Students Don't Want to Write Term Papers they Want to make Videos.

The complete archives will be the last chance to acquire this amount of diverse celluloid elements to transfer to High Definition making these films worth its weight in unique broadcast quality gold, where other schools and especially the leading stock footage libraries don’t have access to at all.

The Golden Age of Lost Television Commercial Advertising

The History of Commercial Advertising on Television

 Cereal, Beer, Cigarettes, Cars, Gasoline,  Sports, Animation, Toys, Dolls, Coffee, Pets, Air Travel, Candy, Home Movie Equipment, Drugs, Hygiene Products, Electronics, Soft Drinks,

Household products,

When you scrawl down my Facebook and YouTube sites watching the way I’ve created hundreds of “low cost” exciting “Short & Long Form” Nostalgia videos.


You can feel the excitement with the comments that follow each post as someone is reliving their childhood and on-line historians of all ages helping us fill in the blanks to this lost point in time.

Under Construction

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