The Incredible Life of the American Boomer  Family

Yes, we had to worry about the evils of Communism, and nuclear weapons were threatening the future, but a young ex-service man going to college on the G.I. Bill was soon out to find a job, security, get married, raise a family and get that house in the suburbs.


Between 1947 through 1957, 54 million new cars were bought, 11 million new homes were built, and 3 million people graduated college. Ah, yes, and 50 million television sets were sold.



Everything we would eat, wear, and use in everyday life was up front and personal, and presented to us on television. How could we possibly get through life without these items? And, yes I was one of those Boomers to be dazzled and delighted (just like my parents) by those tempting cookies, candies, cereal, cigarettes, beer, soft drinks, cars, hair products and toy ads (well, maybe my parents weren’t thrilled by the toy ads).

American Thrift

(Jam Handy and Chevrolet, 1962)

  What's a Baby Boomer Wife?

According to the June 4, 1962 issue of Boxoffice Magazine, 'American Thrift' is a "tribute to the American woman" created by Jam Handy Organization and funded by the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Corp.


The film was the fifth in the "American Series," which began in 1952 and profiled different aspects of post-war American culture.


The films were widely viewed--Betty Watters, the head of Jam Handy's film distribution department--claimed that 47 million Americans viewed the first four entries in the series. The film played in movie theaters before features like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby's "The Road to Hong Kong."

In most commercials women are presented as a homemaker and a matriarch without professional opportunities or aspirations. Much of this footage is campy and shocking to our contemporary concepts of gender equality and feminism.

Too many of these visions, however, continue to influence our national culture and deserve a retrospective analysis. How can we know where we want to go as a society without understanding the historical messaging that has brought us to our present reckoning?

 Boomer Women in Commercials

The Feminine Touch for Oldsmobile (1969)

This 1969 Oldsmobile sales film stars Bess Myerson, the 1945 Miss America winner who became an iconic spokeswoman, game show personality, and consumer advocate. The musical backing exemplifies the Brazilian musical craze of the time--it's Burnell Whibley's "Riviera Bossa Nova."

KODAK Instanta-matic Super 8mm Movie Camera even a busy Mother can do it.

Attract a man with nylons

Keep husband happy with Black Label Beer

Professional Women's Wrestling 1950's

Jello Instant Pudding makes a Moms life easy

Gas commercial with ragged wife.

ZEST Deodorant Soap

Reddi Starch with the Women's touch

Moms love Johnson & Johnson Babypowder

General Electric Refrigerator with Elaine May and Mike Nichols   220 west 71st Street New York City 10023