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 Since my Grandfather CY bought a 16mm Camera in 1928 to record my father Norman and his twin brother Gilbert celebrating their first Birthday, my family has been capturing moments in all the different film and tape formats.

Another one collecting fascinations over the last four decades has been uncovering  hundreds of one of a kind 16mm, 8mm and Super8mm  family home movies from 1926 though the 1970s. So many different cultures, religions and lifestyles across America and the world, that will be lost forever if not saved, studied and enjoyed. With the strong public interest in uncovering one’s distant relatives and genealogy on such sites as, there will be great enthusiasm for the extensive collection of lost home movies

​​There’s even a great opportunity to tie in sponsors as we teach the techniques need to shoot, edit and save your films on line and in your own digital scrapbooks.

Hundreds of hour of various HOME MOVIES from 1926 through the 1970s including GALLEN HOME MOVIES covering the history of Ira Gallen's family from 1928 through today.

Highlights include:

  • Travel & Vacation (Beaches & Ocean, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, Estonia, Europe, U.S.A. cross-country road trip, New York, Brooklyn, Washington D.C., Italy, Las Vegas, California, Florida, Mexico, Canada)

  • Holidays and Birthdays

  • Erasmus High School, Jefferson High School and Clinton High School & Lincoln High School in Brooklyn -- Various Sports & Championships

  • 1960s Pornography (“Two Healthy Gals and an Old Fart”,  “Milkmaid Threesome”, etc.)

  • Alligator Wrestling

  • Military (Aircraft carriers, jet planes, boats, Rome & Paris -- 1960s)

And much more...

TVC f-12.jpg 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023

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