I was lucky that my Grandfather Cy Gallen was in the film business, if you count making family home movies as a profession.  He started taking 16mm movies when my Grandmother Clara gave birth to my father Norman and Uncle Gilbert in 1928.


I first saw Charlie Chaplin onscreen when I was five or so, at a family gathering in the basement projecting our family films. My grandfather had edited into the ten-minute family reel the ice cream scene from The Adventurer (1917).

16mm Gallen Home Movies 

 Gallen Family Pictures

The Gallen Family Home Movies

and Unknown Friends 1930


& GILBERT 1930 16mm Home Movies

The Gallen Family Members 1930

Cy Gallen and his wife Clara take a day trip with friends 1930

Gallen Family Visiting 1876 East 24th Street

Brooklyn NY 1930

The Gallen Twins Norman &^ Gilbert playing outside 1930 Brooklyn NY 16mm

 8mm Home Movies 1960 Summer Brooklyn

Norman & Gilbert's 1st Overcoat November 7th 1930

Cy Gallen Family take a Trip 1932

Gallen Vacation to White Sulpher Springs, NY 1932

Cy Gallen Family take a Trip 1940

 Ira playing with his Snub Noise 38 gun & shoulder holster by Mattel. 1960 Brooklyn


My Spine Is a Mess 

as experienced by Ira H. Gallen

Ira H. Gallen  Bar Mitzvah September 12th 1963 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023