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GALLEN Hi8 Home Movies

Gallen Home Movies  Hi8 Video Tape  - Private

Password Gallen 1876

Gallen Home

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Doll Event Boston with Mom,Dad, Ira , Marlo 47mm HI8 Video Cassette

Norman & Sylvia Gallen

travel through Panama with friends. HI8 Video Cassette.        1 hour 47 minutes  Uncut

Jason visiting Grandparents Golf/Bowling/Shuffle Board, Ira Visiting HI8 Home Video

Jason visiting Grandparents, Clara, and Tillie, Red Barbecue. 45 minutes HI 8

Ira & Jason Bahama Vacation

Norman and Sylvia Gallen 50th Anniversary Party

Parents Sylvia & Norman Gallen visiting Universal Pictures with friends Hi8 Tape 47 minutes

Parents Sylvia & Norman Gallen visiting Disneyland

Clara Gallen Lang in Nursing Home

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