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THE ALASKANS - "Gold Sled" (approx 60 min)

The first episode of the 1959-60 series starring Roger Moore and Dorothy Provine. Set in the northernmost U.S. possession during the height of late 19th Century gold fever, The Alaskans tells the story of Rocky Shaw (Dorothy Provine), an entertainer with a taste for the finer things in life, who hooks up with Silkie Harris (Roger Moore) and Reno (Jeff Yorke), two adventurers of less-than-total-honesty. In this episode, news of a dogsled buried in a remote part of the Yukon with $100,000 in gold sends the trio, along with an old sourdough (Allyn Joslyn) and a dishonest guide, scrambling north in search of the fortune.

Double- and triple-crosses abound as they make their way to the gold, followed by a mysterious stranger and the constant threat of death from animals, avalanche, and each other. Also features coming attractions for episode two and ads for Chesterfield cigarettes, Dial soap, Oasis cigarettes, and Prestone anti-freeze.

ANNIE OAKLEY (30 min) 1957

"THE GRUBSTAKE BANK." Gail Davis--whom Gene Autry once called "the perfect western actress"--plays Annie Oakley, a rancher outside the town of Diablo who works for law and order. In this episode, Annie tries to help prospector Scissorbill Childers (Raymond Hatton) protect his gold strike from a band of outlaws (including Slim Pickens as a gunman) and an overly curious Eastern reporter. But when Scissorbill is shot on the trail, it looks like his gold strike and his dream of establishing a bank to lend other prospectors money may disappear. Brad Johnson co-stars as deputy sheriff Lofty Craig.


THE BEACHCOMBER: The pilot episode of the 1962 syndicated series is a little different from the programs from the actual run. Cameron Mitchell appears as himself in the beginning, narrating the story of his character John Lackland, a San Francisco businessman who decides to leave a successful career with a big future for the Polynesian island of Amura, where he plans to lead the life of a beachcomber and find himself in the process.

The opening sequence depicts his life in San Francisco (with guest player Frank Wilcox, a Broadway veteran best remembered as Mr. Brewster from THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES), and then the rest of the show establishes his character on Amura. In this episode, Lackland offers shelter to a malaria-stricken drifter trying to sell a rare tribal mask in exchange for passage back to America, not knowing that his guest killed a man for the mask--another murder and a manhunt ensue, and Lackland is threatened with deportation, until he goes out in the middle of a hurricane to try and bring the killer in.

MAN WITH A CAMERA: Charles Bronson had his first starring role in a television series with this 1958-60, playing Mike Kovac, a freelance photographer who spent a lot of his time solving crimes. In this episode, he's called in when a possible murder is discovered at an amusement park. Called in by the park owner, Mike has to figure out exactly why and where the man was murdered, and what the connection was with the park. He's helped in the case by an impetuous teenager (Yvonne Craig) who is something of a photography buff herself.


THE BUCCANEERS with ROBERT SHAW (approx 30 min)

Filmed in London's Twickenham Studios, THE BUCCANEERS captured the imaginations of Americans in the Fifties. This tape contains two classic episodes of this hit English adventure series. Robert Shaw (FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, JAWS) plays Captain Dan Tempest, our swashbuckling hero.

Featuring fabulous dueling scenes and thrilling confrontations between Tempest and Lt. Beamish who ran the British-held islands, this Sylvania-sponsored show premiered on September 22, 1956, and was retitled DAN TEMPEST when it became syndicated. One of the episodes included here features a teenaged actress named Jane Asher, future girl friend of Paul McCartney, co-star of the movie THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH, and sister of mid-1960's pop star (and future Linda Ronstadt producer) Peter Asher.

BROKEN ARROW  (30 min)

Based on the movie starring James Stewart and Jeff Chandler, with John Lupton in the part of Indian Agent Tom Jeffords and Michael Ansara as the Apache chief Cochise, was one of the better westerns of the late 1950's. In "Powder Keg," former army officer Jim Perry--who made his name with a bloody raid on the Apaches--returns to Tucson, Arizona 25 years later as an appointed official to investigate the handling of Indian affairs in the territory, and an Apache tribesman is suspected of planning to kill Perry. When he is shot, the Indian is hunted by the law while Jeffords tries to prove his innocence. SKY KING comes with the original opening and closing Nabisco plugs, including the country-and-western-style jingle "Reach For Nabisco."



This adventure series, which ran from 1954 thru 1957, starred Buster Crabbe in the title role, of an officer serving in the modern French Foreign Legion (which still exists in the 1990's). Also in the cast were Crabbe's son Cuffy as a young ward of the captain, son of an officer killed in action; Fuzzy Knight as Fuzzy, a veteran Legionnaire; Daniel Lecourois as the Colonel in command; and Gilles Queant as Sergeant Du Val.

What really distinguished CAPTAIN GALLANT, however, was the fact that until 1956, it was filmed on location in North Africa--the opening credits acknowledge the cooperation of the French Defense Minister and the Legion command, and the cooperation of the Legionnaires, who appear as themselves in various scenes, as well as various Legion forts throughout Morocco.

Episode One: Captain Gallant looks into the murder of three Legionnaires at an oasis and uncovers a gang of arms smugglers--seeking out a double agent within their ranks, he is tricked by a woman imposter and imprisoned, but he manages to escape with Fuzzy's help and they begin tracking the killers. (Best Scene: An informant takes Gallant to the local morgue, and goes from slab-to-slab lifting the sheets looking for someone he knows).

Episode Two: A Legion patrol under attack is rescued with the help of Gallant and Fuzzy, but then they must find out if the attackers were working under the orders of the supposedly friendly Sheik Achmed Ben-Asra. With the French District Commissioner in tow, they sneak into his fortress in disguise, but are captured and threatened with torture if they don't cooperate by telling what they know. The Legion attacks under a prearranged plan, but Gallant discovers that the path they're using is mined, and makes a last ditch effort to save his comrades.


"DESERT TREASURE": Eric Gruener, an ex-Africa Corps soldier serving in the Foreign Legion, is about to be promoted to sergeant. On the eve of his promotion, he is approached by two former officers, including his former commander, now in a neck-brace, who force him to accompany them into the desert to search for $1 million in stolen Nazi-era gold. Gallant discovers the plot and lures them back to the city, where they set a trap for the two ex-soldiers.

"MURDER IN THE DESERT": When the wise-man Ben Abu is found murdered, and American businessman Bennett is found standing over the body, a mob of Arabs gathers demanding blood. Gallant faces down the crowd on his own, and then agrees to transport the prisoner across the desert. Bennett reveals that he did have a criminal record in America, but has tried to start a new life in Morocco, and only got to Ben Abu after the man was dead. Bennett is positive that he'll be convicted because of his prior record and escapes from Gallant. The legionnaire officer must recapture him before the mob gets to him and find out who did kill Ben Abu. It turns out that Cuffy (Cuffy Crabbe) may have found the clue to the real killer's identity.


"DESERT TERROR": When the pumping station for one of the oil companies is attacked and blown up, Captain Gallant is assigned to investigate. He confronts a thief at the company offices and discovers that the man works for a competing engineering company, owned and run by Kelley Mitchell (Roberta Haynes), a tough-as-nails woman, who reveals that she's been the victim of cheating and espionage herself, from her competitors. When the only witness to the bombing is shot to death, the clues lead Gallant back to Mitchell's company, where he has to subdue her before he can get her to answer any questions. One final twist leads him back to the most unexpected suspect of all.

"THE UNWILLING LEGIONAIRE": Jan Novak is a Polish expatriate who has joined the Legion, but doesn't like serving in it, resenting the "foreign" uniform. He comes to blows with his former World War II comrade Corporal Bertran, and other members of the platoon. But when Bertran disappears while conducting a group of prisoners to the civil authorities, and sacrifices himself to stop them from getting away, Novak learns something new about the legion and loyalty. Co-star: Henry Beckman (HERE COME THE BRIDES, McHALE'S NAVY).



"GUN SMUGGLERS": A group of legionaries are attacked and slaughtered in the desert and the evidence seems to point to Mahdi tribesmen. The Colonel receives a tip phoned in by an informant that the killers aren't who they seem to be, and Captain Gallant (Buster Crabbe) goes to meet her. He meets a woman, alright, but the wrong one--he later finds that the Colonel's informant has been murdered, and that he's been set-up by the gun-runners. Gallant is captured, but Cuffy and Fuzzy follow and help rescue him.

"DESERT ATTACK": A group of legionaries are under attack by what appear to be Taureg tribesmen, and only quick action by Gallant (Buster Crabbe) and Fuzzy (Fuzzy Knight) saves the troopers. But Gallant doesn't believe the attackers really were Tauregs, and tries to get the French District Commissioner, Cartier, to investigate and see if the Taureg leader, Achmad Ben-Asra, is responsible. Cartier is skeptical that Achmad Ben-Asra could be responsible, because the sheik is soon to become his father-in-law. Cartier, Gallant, and their party are taken prisoner and discover that Ben-Asra has been usurped by an ambitious underling, who plans to make war on the Foreign Legion. Gallant must figure out a way to escape their trap and help those already imprisoned without getting themselves killed.Note: This tape contains the original commercials for Cheerios and other products.


CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT -- 4 shows (2 hour 30 minutes)

Includes: "Frozen Man" "Mission to Mexico" & radio show film plus commercials.

CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT Volume #1 (approx 60 min)

In "Deadly Diamonds," Captain Midnight (Richard Webb) is called in to investigate a diamond smuggling rings whose activities threaten the stability of the world's economy, as well as the company owned by a friend (John Hamilton) of the captain. Using the newly invented omni counter, the captain and Ichabod Mudd (Sid Melton) follow a trail that leads them to Sandstone, New Mexico, where they find horseshoe prints that indicate that something other than wild horses have been passing through the countryside. In "The Frozen Man," the captain's friend Dr. Hartley is kidnapped by enemy agents after he discovers a new, highly resilient metal called Protonium--the Captain traces him to a cavern underneath what proves to be a nuclear test site, and tries to break him out, but he is captured instead, with the bomb counting down and the spies planning to destroy all of the evidence they're leaving behind. Note: All of these CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT tapes contain the original commercials from the first run of the series, mostly for Ovaltine, some of them featuring sports legends such as Duke Snyder, Crazy Legs Hirsh, and Florence Chadwick, who swam the English Channel, and a series of commercials for Kix Corn Cereal.


CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT Volume #2 (approx 60 min)

In "Mission To Mevlio," the Captain is assigned to look for a secret enemy radio installation in Mexico and help it get back on the air, so he and Ichabod Mudd head south of the border disguised as television repairmen. Their ruse fails to fool the spies, who capture both of them and plan on killing the pair. In "Million Dollar Diamond," the Captain meets a young boy who claims that his father has turned into a different man ever since he was granted the job of cutting a nearly priceless diamond--the Captain investigates and learns that this man, for a world renowned diamond cutter, knows precious little about rare gems.


CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT Volume #3 (approx 60 min)

"Secret Room" puts the Captain in touch with Professor Woodman, a very important research scientist, whose wife has fallen under the influence of a phony mystic--who isn't so fake that he didn't find a way of returning jewels stolen from Mrs. Woodman. But what is he really after? Arctic Avalanche" puts Captain midnight in the gravest danger of his life, as he is lured into a mission of mercy north of the Arctic Circle by a group of Communist Chinese spies, who want to use the medical plane he is aboard to determine the location of American early warning radar stations. When the spies realize who they have in their possession, they announce their plan to take the Captain back to mainland China as a prisoner. Philson Ahn appears as the enemy ringleader.

CAPTURE (30 min each)

Arthur A. Jones produced three television series in the '50s and '60s; Wild Cargo, Capture and Professional Hunter. He also filmed a segment for the ABC Television series Bold Journey.

THE HAWK (30 min)

Richard Coogan (CAPTAIN VIDEO, LOVE OF LIFE, THE CALIFORNIANS) plays Hawk Landry, a special agent for the Secretary of War, who rides the western frontier tracking down outlaws. In this first episode, Landry is busted out of the army to establish his cover as a disgraced ex-cavalryman, joined in his travels his friends, former Indian scouts Elko (Armand Alzamora) and Honda (John Duke).

Landry immediately goes after a band of gunrunners selling Henry repeating rifles to the Cheyenne Indians--he stages a fight with a trio of the toughest cavalrymen in the territory and manages to gain the confidence of ring members Luke Trasher (Claude Akins) and Roy Storm (John Day), and comes up with a way of side-tracking the guns and getting the Indians to lead him to the man behind the guns. The action is fast and furious, and the plotting is clever in this series which, in many respects, anticipates the Chuck Connors series BRANDED.

KIT CARSON (30 min)

"Highway To Doom" starring Bill Williams (father of GREATEST AMERICAN HERO William Katt, and husband of PERRY MASON's Barbara Hale) and Don Diamond (much better known as Crazy Cat on F-TROOP) as his sidekick EL TORO, was one of the earlier syndicated western series to appear in the wake of HOPALONG CASSIDY, THE ROY ROGERS SHOW, and THE GENE AUTRY SHOW. Directed by Richard Irving and Alfred Hitchcock alumnus Norman Lloyd, the show covered Carson's western adventures amid the opening of the frontier. In this episode, Carson and El Toro investigate a series of stage hold-ups and their tie-in with the acts of violence committed against the owner (Doris Merrick) of a local newspaper. Denver Pyle co-stars, and Hank Patterson (Mr. Ziffle from GREEN ACRES) appears in the opening and closing sequences, hawking Coca Cola, the show's sponsor. KIT CARSON is doubly interesting for the blatant plugging of Coca Cola, which is featured prominently on-screen being hawked by the cast and crew.

IVANHOE—Vol. 1 (approx 60 min)

Starring a young Roger Moore in the title role as Sir Wilfrid of Ivanhoe, son of Sir Cedric of Rotherwood. Set during the reign of King Richard I (aka Richard the Lionhearted). The Crusades have ended in disaster for the English king, who is believed dead--were that the case, Richard's brother, the ambitious and malevolent Prince John (Andrew Keir) would become king, and strip the people of their rights and their land. Ivanhoe and his companions Bart (Andrew Pike) and Gurth (Robert Brown), ex-slaves that he freed from bondage to the sadistic and treacherous Sir Maurice of Melensford (Anthony Dawson--of DIAL M FOR MURDER and DR. NO).

Episode One: Sir Gilbert is to announce to a gathering of nobles that King Richard is dead, and produce a false witness to his death, in order to get them to declare Prince John as king. But Sir Rufus of Salisbury, who has fought alongside Richard, arrives unexpectedly to reveal that Richard has been taken prisoner in Europe. Gilbert captures Rufus just as he tells the story to Ivanhoe, and plans to kill him before he can tell the world his news. But Ivanhoe frees Rufus and gets him to a nearby Abbey, where he is put under holy sanctuary.

Rufus makes his way to Hull and a waiting ship under the protection of the Church, but he is attacked by assassins sent by Gilbert, and Ivanhoe must take up the fight on his behalf. Episode Two: Now that it is known that King Richard is being held captive in Europe, Ivanhoe must openly declare his loyalty to the king, but Prince John has other ideas--he has Ivanhoe brought to Sir Maurice of Melensford, who tries to persuade him to be a little less enthusiastic in his rejection of John.

Failing that, Maurice tries to kill Ivanhoe during a contest for the freedom of two slaves, but the knight survives and escapes with his two new friends. Ivanhoe returns to his father's castle, only to find that he has been disowned because of his decision to join Richard in the Crusades. He goes to join his father at Prince John's castle, only to find that Sir Cedric and his ward the Lady Rowena have been taken prisoner by Maurice to break the resistance to John's rule. But Ivanhoe intervenes with five men against Maurice's 20 and frees his father and the other captives.

JUNGLE JIM 1 episode, 1955, 30 min, B&W

After retiring as Tarzan, ex-Olympic Gold Medalist Johnny Weissmuller starred in this syndicated jungle adventure series (based on a newspaper comic strip) as Jungle Jim, adventurer and occasional trouble-shooter for the government, with Martin Huston as his son Skipper and Norman Fredric (later known as Dean Fredericks, star of the series STEVE CANYON and movies such as THE PHANTOM PLANET) as Kassim, his aide.

In this episode, Jim is asked to look into the activities of an elephant herd raiding native villages; at the same time, he is alarmed by reports of Skipper's near-failing grades in the classes he is taking by mail from the States and hires a tutor, Mrs. Haddock, to help bring his grades up. She has her own ideas about Africa and its wonders and dangers, mostly courtesy of a popular book on exploration written by a well-known fraud, and soon she and Skipper are headed into the jungle, straight toward a stampeding herd and a group of bloodthirsty smugglers, with Jim in hot pursuit

MARK SABER (aka THE VISE) & THE FEDERAL MAN (approx 60 min)

MARK SABER - This British-made series, starring one-armed actor Donald Gray as a former Scotland Yard inspector-turned-private investigator, ran for four years on NBC as MARK SABER, DETECTIVE'S DIARY and THE VISE (the title used in this episode). But whatever its name, this was one great mystery show. Gray made an urbane and hero, who could take care of himself despite his loss of an arm, but preferred to think his way through his problems.

And even when stating the obvious, he made it sound important--"You know it wasn't suicide and I know it wasn't an accident." In this episode, Saber investigates the apparent suicide of Peter Kenyon, a successful businessman with everything to live for--Kenyon's widow says that her husband's secretary, who quit her job the morning the body was found at the base of a cliff, should be a suspect. But it is Kenyon's psychiatrist who unknowingly provides the last, ironic clue to the identity of the suspect. The photography is excellent, the script is well written, and the acting is above par for the period.

THE FEDERAL MAN - Based on actual cases from the records of the United States Treasury Department, this show features Walter Greaza as the Chief who, in this episode, goes after counterfeiters. His work is complicated by the fact that the head of the counterfeiting ring is being set up to be killed by his girlfriend and a mob underling, with the Feds caught in the middle.

THE OVERLAND TRAIL: "The Baron's Castle" (approx 60 min)

William Bendix and a pre-Virginian/pre-Checkmate Doug McClure starred in this entertaining and intelligent western series that ran from February thru September 1960. Bendix plays Fred Kelly, the superintendent and owner of the Overland Stage Company, and McClure plays "Flip" Flippen, his helpful but occasionally slow-on-the-uptake head driver.

"The Baron's Castle" (directed by Tay Garnett and produced by Samuel A. Peeples, of Star Trek renown) is a sort of sequel to the Vincent Price movie "The Baron of Arizona," with Gerald Mohr playing mysterious stranger Jack Morton, who rescues Kelly and Flippen from an ambush by two bandits and works his way into their confidence--he turns out to be James Addison Revus, the so-called "Baron of Arizona," who tried to use a fake Spanish land claim to set up his own country. Revus swindles homesteader Denver Pyle and his daughter Lucy Marlow out of their money, and ends up pursued by Kelly and Flippen, who suddenly find themselves facing the wrong end of a rope in an outlaw-run town ready to follow Revus.


Reed Hadley (RACKET SQUAD) starred in this follow-up series (also produced by Hal Roach Jr.) from 1954-55 as public defender Bart Matthews, representing accused criminals in court too poor to afford private attorneys. Although less intrinsically interesting than RACKET SQUAD (where real-life scams were explained), the series tried hard. In this episode, a young hot-rodder (Alan Dinehart III) is accused of causing an accident that resulted in the death of his girlfriend, and Matthews seeks the aid of a traffic detail officer (Richard Travis) in getting at the truth, and discovers that there is more to hot-rodding than loud engines and high speeds.

RACKET SQUAD  (30 min)

These episodes could be titled REED HADLEY DEFENDS AMERICANS, because you get two shows of him portraying the ultimate civil servant. As Captain John Braddock in the racket squad of a large metropolitan police department, he defends the public from various confidence schemes. The show was based on actual case records from different police departments around the country, and this episode, originally aired on June 7, 1951, is about a gold mine swindle.               

RAMAR OF THE JUNGLE 1 episode, 1952, 30 min, B&W

Swimming star Jon Hall brought his athletic abilities to TV on October 7, 1952, in Good 'n Plenty's show which followed the adventures of Dr. Reynolds, known among the natives as "Ramar" ("White Witch Doctor"), who had long known jungle ways since his parents had died of fever when he was a child. The show deals with the period when he returns to the jungle to share his scientific knowledge with the natives. Each week, Reynolds would travel through either darkest Africa or exotic India, fighting off evil-doers and primitive superstition along the way. Aided by Professor Ogden (played by Ray Montgomery) and his native boy Sahib (played by Mm'liss McClure), "Ramar" also did good deeds and wrestled animals.

THE REBEL (30 min)

Nick Adams stars in this groundbreaking western series of the early 1960's as Johnny Yuma, a former Confederate soldier who goes west after the War Between the States, looking to make a new life for himself but always ready to stand up for a cause he believes in. In this episode, Johnny Yuma finds the remains of a wagon after an Indian raid and one survivor, a young Mexican woman (Gigi Perreau) of good family who was on her way to her wedding--after overcoming her fear of traveling unescorted with a man she hardly knows. Johnny brings her to the bridegroom's ranch in Mexico, fighting off a trio of armed bandits in the bargain--but when she falls in love with Johnny, her would-be husband does his best to bait him into fighting a duel. Country music star Johnny Cash sang the title theme of the show, which remains one of the most popular western series ever, and served as the inspiration for Branded, among other programs that followed.              

ROBIN HOOD ROBIN HOOD Vol. 1 (approx 55 min)

ROBIN HOOD, formally known as THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, starred Richard Greene as the outlaw baron, battling Prince John to protect the rule of his absent brother, King Richard, and the rights of the oppressed Saxons. The series was several cuts above other costume/adventure shows of the period, with an unusually cordial relationship depicted between Robin and the Sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Wheatley), who are the "best of enemies." The scripts are very well thought out, and the acting above average, featuring not only Greene, but Donald Pleasence as Prince John (and occasionally in other roles) and Paul Eddington (YES, PRIME MINISTER).

"ISABELLA": Robin and the Men of Sherwood accidentally discover a new scheme of Prince John's to take over England. The Prince (Donald Pleasence) plans on divorcing Princess Avis of Gloucester, his Saxon wife, and marrying Isabella of Angelais, a French noblewoman, which will give King Phillip of France the reason he needs to recognize John's claim to the throne of England. Avis wants Robin's help in protecting Richard's crown and her Saxon people, and Robin believes the best way to do that is to warn Isabella of what John's real plans are. But Isabella proves to be ambitious in her own right--she regards John's plans as appropriate for a king who wants to gain and hold power. So Robin comes up with an alternate plan to halt the wedding--he vows to humiliate Prince John by showing up his cowardly side, in a daring attempt to steal Isabella's dowry right out from under his nose.

"THE TRUCE": Mark Crispin is the champion archer of England, but his encounter with Robin while on his way to the estate of Lord Repton gives Robin a chance to show off his superior ability. Repton has maneuvered the Sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Wheatley) into making a bet on a contest pitting their best archers against each other, and the Sheriff appeals to Robin for help, vowing that if he wins the 500 marks, they'll split it, but if the Sheriff loses it, he'll have to collect it from the people of Nottingham. Robin agrees to shoot in the contest, carrying a safe conduct from the Sheriff (which will spell his doom, if Prince John finds out about it), but Lord Repton begins to suspect a trick, and tries to turn the tables on Robin and the Sheriff.


ROBIN HOOD Vol. 2 (approx 60 min)

"THE PRISONER": King Richard the Lionhearted, off fighting in the Crusades, has sent a messenger to Prince John (Donald Pleasence). But John, who is utterly neurotic and unable to accept the fact that Richard is alive, imprisons the messenger, declares Richard dead and announces his own ascension to the throne. Robin (Richard Greene) and Marian (Bernadette O'Farrell) plan to prevent his coronation, but in order to stop the Archbishop from crowning him, they must bring proof that Richard is alive. Robin sets out to rescue the courier before John can have him executed.

 "THE MONEYLENDER": An early episode of the series. Robin (Richard Greene) has only been an outlaw for a short time, and as yet hasn't proved his worth. Their old leader Will challenges him, when Robin objects to Will's robbing of a sympathetic nobleman, Sir Phillip. Robin decides to prove his worth by robbing Herbert of Dorncaster, a hated moneylender. He meets Herbert on the road, gains his confidence, and takes the money he is carrying.

But instead of keeping it all, Robin takes it back to the people of Nottingham and starts repaying the high interest that they paid Herbert, making many friends and allies within the village. Will objects to this gesture of alliance with the serfs, and decides to prove his own worth by robbing an unscheduled shipment of ale. This proves to be a trap set by the Sheriff, and in the ensuing struggle, Robin's life is saved by one of the townsmen that he befriended, and Will is mortally wounded. Robin is now undisputed leader of the men of Sherwood. Includes cartoon commercials for Wildroot Cream-Oil hair-dressing, featuring Herman the Hair.


ROBIN HOOD Vol. 3 (approx 60 min)

"LITTLE MOTHER": Little John's mother is being mercilessly harassed by the lord of the manor, who wants to use her to lure Little John back into the hands of the law. With the promise of a pardon, he comes back to see his mother, only to be set upon by soldiers and captured, but Robin and his men arrive in time to create a standoff, which Little John breaks by borrowing a cue from the story of Samson and Delilah.

"YOUTHFUL MENACE": Marian's young cousin arrives for a visit, after years of exile in France with his widowed mother, and she discovers that he is completely out of sympathy with the Saxons, the outlaws, or King Richard, desiring nothing more than to regain his father's lands. He follows Marian to Robin's camp and sees his chance to collect a reward from Prince John by turning in the outlaw leader. Robin decides to show him what it is to have a man's life in his hands, leaving himself at the boy's mercy. Includes ads for Johnson's Baby Shampoo ("The No-Tears Shampoo") and Wildroot Cream-Oil hairdressing.


ROBIN HOOD Vol. 4 (approx 60 min)

"OUTLAW MONEY": When Robin sneaks into Nottingham with stolen silver for his friend, Henry the silversmith, to melt down, the two are discovered and Henry (Sidney James) must leave Nottingham. The men of Sherwood later steal a cargo on its way to the Sheriff, and discover that it contains a minter's anvil, perfect for making coins. With the silver that Robin has gathered, he begins making new coins, and discovers that the coins being used in Nottingham are short of silver. Soon everyone is using Henry's coins and the Sheriff is getting anxious that someone will discover the way that he and the new minter have been stealing silver, so he arrests Friar Tuck--who is passing out the new coins--as a counterfeiter.

But Henry masquerades as a representative of the Royal Mint, appears at the trial, and gives testimony that the "counterfeit" coins are real, while the supposedly real ones are fakes, Tuck is exonerated, and the Sheriff must replace everyone's bad coins with good ones.

"THE FIRE": During a summer-long draught in Sherwood and Nottingham, the Sheriff sees his chance to catch Robin (Richard Greene) and his men. Little John and Durwood are trapped in a cave by the Sheriff's men, and his lieutenant (Paul Eddington) tries to smoke them out by setting a fire. The blaze soon spreads across the forest, however, and the Sheriff and the Men of Sherwood are forced into an uneasy truce to battle the fire together before it spreads to Nottingham.


ROBIN HOOD Vol.5 (approx 55 min)

"A VILLAGE WOOING": Robin must help meek Watt Longfellow tame a village shrew, one Winifred, who rejected him and every other man in her village and now risks the loss of her land if she doesn't choose a man. With help from the men of Sherwood, Watt proves to Winifred how much he loves her and what that love is worth, and the worthlessness of her would-be husband, Baldwin (Donald Pleasence).

"TOO MANY EARLS": The men of Sherwood are worried about freezing during the winter, when help arrives in the guise of Marian's eccentric uncle Reggie, the Earl of Rochdale, a nobleman who loves birds. Both Reggie and Robin need the money that can be won in a shooting contest, and he manages to wrest a safe-conduct pass from the Sheriff of Nottingham, compete in the contest, and solve both their problems. Includes commercials for Wildroot Cream-Oil hairdressing and Johnson's Baby Powder.


ROBIN HOOD Vol. 6 (approx 60 min)

"NORMAN JEWELS": Two of Robin's men, hearing that a party of couriers is carrying a cargo of valuable Norman jewels, hijacks the couriers, only to discover that the "jewels" are two children, a girl and a boy. At first, they won't reveal their names to the outlaws, and Robin is hard-put to know what to do with them, since he doesn't want to get a reputation as a kidnapper. Finally, they tell him that they're the children of Count Legier, who has mounted a search party to rescue them. Robin tries to return them and is captured and sentenced to hang. His men decide to try and rescue him, but he gets unexpected help from another quarter.

"THE BLACK PATCH": Sir Dunstan of Treves is known as the Knight of the Black Patch, because he has vowed to wear a black patch over one eye until he captures the most wanted man in England--Robin Hood. He lays a trap that Robin nearly falls into, until Lady Marian warns him, but in doing so her allegiance to the outlaws is revealed. Sir Dunstan threatens to have Marian put on trial unless Robin Hood gives himself up--Robin does, and Dunstan starts him on the journey to Prince John and his doom. But Marian has an ace up her sleeve, the Sheriff of Nottingham, who has also vowed to capture Robin Hood, and goes after Dunstan to claim the outlaw leader as his own prisoner.

Includes commercials for Wildroot Cream-Oil hairdressing, one featuring a medieval beatnik and a talking dragon, and Colgate Dental Cream, with the mice trying to pull the tube out of its box, and finally being helped by Mighty Mouse.


ROBIN HOOD Vol. 7 (approx 60 min)

"THE TRAP": The Sheriff of Nottingham decides to put a man of his own in among the outlaws, an actor who will play the role of a tinker fleeing from the law. His job is discredit Robin among his own men, and eventually get them to turn him in. This man arranges it to look like Robin is responsible for stealing part of a missing ransom for King Richard.

"THE BANDIT OF BRITTANY": Robin is conducting Arthur, the young heir to the British throne, to safety at his uncle's estate in France, when they are set upon by the French bandit Jacques Chapeau, who wants to turn in the young prince to get his own brother out of prison. Robin convinces him that they can rescue the bandit's brother without having to give up the safety of the English crown and the boy who would wear it. Includes commercials for Band-Aid Plastic Strips (using a Stars & Stripes motif) and Johnson's First-Aid Cream ("a little girl, a little cut, and a great big tear").

ROBIN HOOD Vol. 8 (approx 60 min)

"THE THORKIL GHOST": Robin, Marian, and the men of Sherwood find a pair of youths about to burn a third boy as a witch. Robin rescues Harold, the son of the late Lord of Thorkil Castle, who was killed in the torture chamber of the castle, apparently by a ghost. Harold's Aunt Elspeth now rules the castle, and with her servant Edwin keeps a tight rein on Harold. Edwin and Elspeth seem bent on preventing Robin from helping Harold, while his deaf-mute servant tries desperately to communicate a warning to them. Then the ghost of Thorkil the Viking appears before them, firing a deadly crossbow and coming after Harold.

"THE BLACK FIVE": The Earl of Roquefort's steward turns up in Sherwood, badly wounded and talking of the Duke Du Morville taking over Roquefort's castle and driving out his servants. The Duke is a bitter rival with the Sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Wheatley) for the good will of Prince John, and is bringing John a mysterious prize for which he expects as his reward the head of the Sheriff and rule over Sherwood.

The prize is "the black five," a group of five black pearls from the crown of Saladin, a priceless treasure. Robin warns the Sheriff and, with the help of both Robin's and the Sheriff's men, a blockade of Sherwood and the surrounding villages is established. But the Duke nearly succeeds, using a shipment of carrier pigeons from Prince John to get the pearls through. Robin manages to pull off his hijacking of the treasure, but Du Morville is on his trail, in a murderous rage against the outlaw leader and the sheriff.


ROBIN HOOD Vol. 9 (approx 60 min)

"RANSOM": Robin and the men of Sherwood come to the rescue when Count Sovern sends his soldiers out to collect 500 crowns in additional taxes from his impoverished subjects, all to pay the ransom for his son, who is being held by a neighboring nobleman for forcing a kiss on a girl. Robin intercepts Guy of Beaumont, the courier sent to collect the ransom from Sovern, and tries to show him what the ransom will mean to the villagers.

Beaumont seems oblivious to it all, and collects the ransom, but Robin comes up with a way to get the money back--he holds Beaumont as a prisoner for ransom, after setting him up to commit the same offense as Sovern's son. The 500 crowns that Sovern forced out of his villagers and gave for his son goes back to Robin and to the villagers. Directed by future Hammer Films alumnus Terence Fisher.

Includes commercials for Johnson's Baby Shampoo, and the free offer of a "Robin Hood Hat" from Johnson & Johnson, and the Wildroot Cream-Oil commercial featuring a dragon and the beatnik knight.


ROBIN HOOD Vol. 10 (approx 60 min)

"THE ANGRY VILLAGE": With a draught afflicting the land, the Men of Sherwood are forced to travel very far to hunt food. While tracking a deer, Robin Hood (Richard Greene) and Little John are accused of turning over the grain of a nearby village to the evil landowner, and nearly hanged by the villagers. They escape, and Robin gets a chance to show how the grain was really found, and the danger of people running around making wild accusations against each other.

"THE MYSTERY OF IRELAND'S EYE": An old man collapses on the road to the castle of Lady Marian (Bernadette O'Farrell) with a message, about the danger her uncle Sir Edward de Coursey, governor of the western island Ireland's Eye, is in. Robin, Friar Tuck, and Marian go to the distant island, and discover that he has been taken prisoner, and the people held under a reign of terror by a high priest of the pagan Norse Gods, seeking to revive their worship and the custom of human sacrifice.

 Contains commercials for Wildroot Cream-Oil hairdressing, including one showing a boy's rites of passage toward manhood, with his father handing him a rifle to shoot with.

SKY KING (30 min)

SKY KING - One of the most fondly remembered adventure shows of the 1950's (and made by the same team responsible for The Lone Ranger), SKY KING--all about rancher Sky King (Kirby Grant) and his twin engine Cesna "The Songbird"--holds up remarkably well. In "The Porcelain Lion," a wealthy art dealer arranges for a pilot to fake the crash of his plane, in order to steal a valuable art object, and murders the pilot. But Sky King's niece Penny (Gloria Winters) and his nephew Clipper (Ron Hagerty) find the wreck and the body, and King and the Sheriff (Bert Freed) suspect foul play. Sky King tries to crack the case by posing as a would-be buyer, but Clipper ends up being held at gunpoint by the thieves as they make their getaway.

SKY KING (30 min)

In this episode, from the later run of the series (after Lone Ranger producer George W. Trendle relinquished his control of the series), rancher King is forced to hire a pair of bounty hunters to kill the coyotes that have been killing his stock. But the two hunters in their small plane are doing precious little time hunting coyotes and a lot more flying south of the border. King and his niece Penny set a trap with the sheriff, and plan to follow them in King's twin-engine Cesna 310B, but they get captured instead and end up being taken as prisoners into Mexico, to the ranch of the mysterious man behind those midnight flights (played by Edward D. Wood Jr. alumnus George Becwar (Bride of the Monster).

SEA HUNT Volume One (Approx 60 min)

WOMEN CHALENGE MIKE TO RACE: Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) is challenged to a race by a champion woman swimmer (Lisa Gaye). He enters the race, on condition that the prize money go to underwater safety training. Once they start out, however, he finds that his opponent is less than trustworthy, and the two of them end up threatened by various underwater dangers, including a killer current.

SECRET WATER LUNG: When a scientist developing a top-secret underwater diving apparatus is killed, Mike Nelson is brought in by the Coast Guard to protect the project that he was working on. But enemy agents try to hijack the equipment and kill Nelson in the process. Linden Travers (from Hitchcock's THE LADY VANISHES) and Ross Elliot guest star.


SEA HUNT Volume Two (Approx 60 min)

WATER NYMPHS: While working on a photographic assignment in the Bahamas, Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) accidentally shoots pictures of a group of women modeling swimsuits, only to learn that the suits are secret new designs. But the pictures look so good, that he is hired instead to shoot an entire underwater photo lay-out with the models. But two of the models, Inez and Wanda, prove more than a handful, and then he discovers that another diver is shadowing them, and not above injuring or killing them to get photos of the designs. Guest stars: June Blair, Marris Wrixon.

THE DAM: Mike Nelson is called in to protect a new dam being built in a South American country when the owners fear sabotage--the project engineer (Russ Conway) resents his presence, and his assistant (Ross Martin) seems less-than-cooperative as he takes Nelson on a tour of the dam, including the deadly intake valves at the bottom, where tampering seems to have already taken place.


SEA HUNT Volume Three (Approx 60 min)

LABYRINTH: The test boat Elektra, carrying a top-secret guided missile tracker prototype, is sunk during a hurricane, and Cyrus Webb (Ted de Corsia), the inventor of the tracker, calls in Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) to find out why a theoretically unsinkable ship went down, and retrieve the device--instead he finds a hole blown in the side of the ship and the tracker stolen, the only clue a fragment of a diver's air-hose. Nelson and Webb begin a pursuit that takes the diver into a deadly underwater cavern, pursued by two armed attackers.

RESCUE: While preparing to destroy an undersea wreck for the Coast Guard, Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) is approached by his young friend Lou James (Jack Ging) and his girlfriend (Sue Randall--Miss Canfield from LEAVE IT TO BEAVER)--they want to get married, and in order to afford it, he wants to check the wreck for a fortune in jewels supposedly lost there. Nelson agrees, and they dive together, but then James goes back alone and gets trapped by a metal hatch cover, with the planned explosion only one hour away.


SEA HUNT Volume Four (Approx 60 min)

THE ROCK: Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) is hired by three fishermen (Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Dark, Bill Catching) to teach them how to dive with tanks. They prove to be strong but reckless students, and nearly lose their lives before Nelson decides to leave. But then he learns that they've lied about their names, and that they aren't fishermen, and he tries to find out what their real plans are for all of that underwater training.

UNDERSEA HATCH: When missile expert Jerry Blaine (John Hudson) panics on a dive and comes up too fast, Mike Nelson finds a way to save his life by converting a submarine's escape hatch into a make-shift decompression chamber, but the challenge for both of them is to survive for 24 hours in the tiny chamber despite the risk to the ship and Blaine's violent claustrophobia.


SEA HUNT Volume Five (Approx 60 min)

"Oyster Pirates": Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) is testing a new underwater camera in Hawaii when he is asked by the police to help them catch the divers raiding valuable oyster beds. He tries filming them, but is caught and nearly killed by two of them. He then lays a trap with a television camera, and catches them in the act, battling them hand-to-hand.

"SEASLED": Mike Nelson is working on a project in Florida when he spots a half-drowned woman trying to swim ashore in a heavy sea. After rescuing her, he is called in by the Bureau of Immigration, who are trying to figure out where she might have been coming from and who she is, and if she has any connection to a deported mobster who has been arrested in the INS. Nelson agrees to help the Immigration service local director (Bridges' former Actors Lab stable mate Morris Ankrum) find out who's bringing them in and how--first the woman's older brother takes him captive at gunpoint, and then the story unfolds: They are survivors of the 1956 Hungarian uprising, and paid a local Florida man a fortune to be hauled in underwater by sea-sled, but he cut her loose and left her to drown when the Coast Guard stopped him in mid-ocean; now their teenaged brother is making the same trip, and faces death by drowning because the INS is going to stop his boat in mid-ocean. Nelson races to catch up with the boat and save the boy.


SEA HUNT Volume Six (Approx 60 min)

"Fish Finder": While testing an underwater scanner of the coast of Mexico, Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) runs across a fight between a lone fisherman and his rivals, who blame him for their inability to catch fish while he finds them as though by magic. Nelson uses his scanner and SCUBA gear to find the truth, and save the man's life.

"Revolution": While testing a new sea-sled off the coast of a tiny totalitarian Caribbean country, Mike Nelson witnesses a group of student rebels being attacked by soldiers for the president. He then discovers that politics can be a blood sport in that part of the world, as he is recruited by one of the rebels--later found dead--to find the body of the professor leading the democratic opposition, believed to have been murdered to stop him from running in the next election. Nelson decides to look for the body anyway, at the risk of his life, with help from a lady reporter. All goes well, until a patrol boat approaches Nelson's boat and its captain and crew go aboard to investigate, while Nelson is heading back with his evidence and low on air.


SEA HUNT Volume Seven (Approx 60 min)

"Alligator": While working in Silver Springs, Florida, Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) is recruited to help find an alligator that has escaped from a carnival show, jeopardizing the show's future. When the trainer and keeper prove unable to catch the animal, Nelson goes into the water in his SCUBA gear and tries to outmaneuver the alligator and get it back into captivity.

"Killer Whale": While diving with two of his friends, one of Mike Nelson's friends is killed by a killer whale. Eager to console his friend's grieving widow (Jan Harrison) and father (Cyril Delavanti), Mike decides to go after the whale, and joins forces with an expert harpoon man to do it, tracking the creature to a herd of sea lions. But his efforts to trap the whale nearly get him killed when the widow follows in her boat and gets caught offshore with a stalled engine.

SEA HUNT Volume Eight (Approx. 60 min)

"Co-Starring Beau and Jeff Bridges" #558 – "Storm Sewer" – Starring Lloyd Bridges with Beau Bridges, Anne Helm, Tyler McVey When a young would-be thief (Beau Bridges) tries hiding from the police in a storm sewer, he doesn't count on getting trapped by the killer current and rising water from a recent rainstorm. Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) is called in by the police to rescue the wanted man, who needs a quick lesson in diving to stay alive long enough to reach safety.

"Rising Tide" starring Lloyd Bridges, with Jeff Bridges, John Beradino, Dorothy Dean, Andrea Kaplan.

 While testing a new undersea scooter, Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) comes upon a boy and girl (Jeff Bridges, Andrea Kaplan) who are being trained by their father (John Beradino) as future Olympic swimmers. He's impressed with their abilities, but not their father's obsessive ness, which puts the children at risk trying to swim too far in dangerous waters. They swim to an underwater cave just as the tide starts rising, and become trapped--it's up to Mike and the children's father to try and rescue them, but when the father is injured, only Mike has a chance to find them with his diving lung and undersea scooter.


SEA HUNT Volume 9 (Approx. 60 min)

Starring Lloyd Bridges – "Inferno": Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) gets an emergency call from fire chief Jim McVey, whose men are fighting a blaze at a pier--one of the warehouses is illegally loaded with 1/2 ton of powdered chemical with 30 times the explosive force of dynamite, and one of McVey's men has already died trying to get at it. The only hope is Nelson, swimming under water and entering the warehouse through a intact valve, and getting to the explosive before the fire does.

"Collision": Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) is called in to help when two navy destroyers collide in a thick fog. Both captains reported failure of their radar, but the board of inquiry finds nothing wrong, and court martial the commander of one of the ships. Nelson won't let things rest, however, and while investigating underwater, he finds an abandoned marine boiler that that has been fitted out with waterproof electronic jamming gear and a deadly booby trap. Nelson beats the booby trap and decides to set a trap for whoever planted the transmitter, but nearly loses his life when the men sent to fix it show up underwater on sea-scooters and catch him by surprise. He has to use all of his wits to get past them and make it back to safety.

STAMP DAY FOR SUPERMAN (approx. 50 min)

The Adventures of Superman, starring George Reeves, was one of the most popular children’s programs of the 1950’s, and still has an audience 50 years later. This episode was never intended to be shown on television – rather, it was made by the producers for the United States Treasury Department to help sell United States Savings Stamps (the junior version of U.S. Savings Bonds). Jimmy Olsen gets a new portable typewriter with the interest from his U.S. Savings Bonds. Lois Lane is kidnapped by Blinky (Billy Nelson), a crook that she can identify, and she takes the typewriter with her, using it to send a coded message with her location. Superman is busy trying to sell Savings Stamps at a local school when he gets word about Lois’s disappearance, and he manages to find her in time. The short film is paired with the screen tests for the unsold SUPERBOY television series from 1960, and the short film JOHN SMITH, AMERICAN, starring George Reeves and Lionel Barrymore.



A Tiger Hunt in India by Ellis Dungan. Frank Feerin Co, Color/Sound

TERRY AND THE PIRATES Vol. 1 (approx 60 min)

Milton Caniff's long-running comic book hero came to television in this 1952 syndicated series starring John Baer as former U.S. Air Force Colonel Terry Lee and William Tracy as his sidekick, co-pilot Hotshot Charlie (aka Charles C. Charles), ex-members of the Far East Fighter Command who now fly for Air Cathay, a passenger and cargo transport service owned by the slightly larcenous Chopstick Joe (Jack Reitzen). In the first episode, veteran character actor Frank Jenks (Oscar Shapely from IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT) plays Red Irish, an ex-buddy of Terry's who is convinced he's found a way to manufacture perfect diamonds. This leads to several murder attempts and a kidnapping before the heroes manage to get the upper hand.

In episode two, Chopstick Joe sends Hotshot on a special flight with a load of Japanese gold bullion, but the plane is hijacked by a pair of armed stowaways, and Terry has to follow the shipment to the only logical place it could have been taken--Macao ("six square miles of iniquity"), where there is no limit to the price of gold. And once there, Terry finds himself up to his neck in intrigue, at a suspicious entertainment establishment run by the mysterious Madame Roulette, where his incredibly well-proportioned blonde lady friend Burma (Sandra Spence) is singing.


TERRY AND THE PIRATES Volume 2 (approx 60 min)

Episode One: Terry's friend engineer Jack Randall (Richard Karlan) hires Terry and Hotshot to land him and his wife (Alex Talton) in a remote part of the jungle to search for a fortune in gold--Terry and Hotshot don't know that Randall has murdered his assistant Jim Fletcher (Leo Britt), also a friend of Terry's, and plans to kill the two pilots and steal their plane to make away with a fortune in jewels looted by Randall during World War II.

Episode Two: Air Cathay is hired by Professor Gaspari (Gregory Gaye, from Republic's THE FLYING DISC MAN FROM MARS serial, and the "The Ruler" from the COMMANDO CODY TV series) to fly a dangerous cargo of rare and deadly snakes from Punaka to Singapore; but the British government, represented by Major Cavanaugh-Ellis (Tris Coffin) believes there is something more going on than a cargo flight, especially when a man turns up dead on the plane in mid-flight. Terry and Hotshot have to find out the real reason for the flight and the nature of the cargo before they can clear themselves.


TERRY AND THE PIRATES Volume 3 (approx 60 min)

Episode One: Michael Ansara plays the leader of a gang of cut-throats out to hijack a young Chinese-American G.I. of his $200,000 inheritance--they rope Terry's blonde bombshell lady friend Burma (Sandra Spence) into the plot, and Terry and his pals are in hot pursuit of the gang.

Episode Two: Terry and Hotshot are assigned to deliver a cargo of desperately needed typhus serum to a doctor in Wang Chu province, but find that at least two rival gangs are trying to steal their cargo to sell on the black market, with the doctor (Rolfe Sedan) and the infamous Dragon Lady (Gloria Saunders) caught in the middle of it all.

WHIRLYBIRDS (approx 30 min)

This 1957 syndicated series, starring Kenneth Tobey and Craig Hill, a pair of chopper pilots working for Whirlybird Air Service, owned by Mr. Carver (Raymond Bailey) and based at Longwood Field. In this episode, the two pilots are flying into trouble fast, in the form of an electrical storm, when they take on a mission to get a portable iron lung to a remote village where a boy has been injured in a rockslide.

They make it through, but with only 20 minutes of fuel remaining, and then the power fails, threatening the boy's life once again, and they have to get to the repairman and get him to the break in the lines. Meanwhile, a cynical reporter (Claude Akins) listening to the action from the company headquarters starts to believe that the whole rescue mission is a fake, trumped up to get some free publicity. Veteran Republic Pictures stuntman David Sharpe plays the lineman, and Sandra Spence (TERRY AND THE PIRATES) plays Janet Carver, the daughter of the Whirlybird company owner.



Emerson York BW/Sound


WILD CARGO -- 1961-1962 (47 Episodes, 30 min each) B&W and Color

This syndicated documentary show featured films of wild animals, expeditions to Africa and South America, and other hunting trips by adventurer Arthur Jones.


Jock Mahoney stars as a playboy with a strong sense of justice in post-Civil War New Orleans. This was one of the finest half-hour action series of the 1950's. This episode concerns an attempt by a pair of investors (Robert Lowery, John Stephenson) to buy up the shops adjoining the waterfront--but each store owner turns up dead after selling out, their money gone. Derringer takes this personally when one of his best friends becomes a target of the pair. The action is nicely paced in this series, with excellent performances all around, including Kevin Hagen as city administrator John Colton and, best of all, X Brands as Derringer's silent Native American companion Pahoo Ka-Ta-Wah. SKY KING comes complete with the show's original opening and closing plugs for Nabisco ("Reach For Nabisco").

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