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This tape gives you a double dose of Betty White at her finest. In DATE WITH ANGEL, she plays news bride Vicki Angel in a domestic comedy, with Bill Williams as her insurance-salesman husband Gus. In this episode, Betty gets offered a job at a department store. After the series' cancellation, Betty White filled the same time slot with a comedy/variety show which only lasted a few months itself. This episode's skits revolve around lovers' jealousies.


TROUBLE WITH FATHER starring Stu Erwin (2 episodes approx 30 min each)

Originally called LIFE WITH THE ERWINS, this show first aired October 21, 1950, but, once syndicated, it became TROUBLE WITH FATHER. Stu Erwin played himself, the folksy good natured bumbling principal of Hamilton High School. Most of the story revolves around the Erwin household, in which June Collyer is his wife June, and Sheila James (who nine years later was Zelda Conroy, the girl in love with Dobie Gillis) is their young daughter Jackie. In the first episode, Stu is at an auction bidding for the love seat he sold by accident. This show has the original General Mills commercials, in which an actress claims to be Betty Crocker, plus a great pre-Cheerios kid commercial. A wonderful segment! The second show revolves around the family wondering what to do with the bonus that Stu got at school. Stu buys into a dress store and begins a price war with the competing dress store across the street.


MY HERO & JACKSON & JILL (approx 30 min each)

MY HERO: – Before Bob Cummings was the hip photographer on the LOVE THAT BOB series, he played the carefree real estate agent Robert S. Beanblossom on MY HERO. His assistant Julie Marshall (played by Julie Bishop) was always trying to keep him out of trouble with his boss Willis Thackery (John Litel). This episode, which premiered November 8, 1952, is about Robert's efforts to get his boss inducted into the Exalted Order of Araby.


JACKSON & JILL: – This might be the pilot episode of the 1950 comedy sitcom, about a married couple with Helen Chapman as the wife and Todd Karns (Harry Bailey in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE) as her henpecked husband. This episode is called IT'S A GIFT and it's strange, to say the least.



Marriageable Male – Jack Lemmon plays the title role of this satirical comedy, about a hot-shot advertising executive who worms his way into the heart of an artist (Ida Lupino) doing a project for his firm. Without her ever guessing who he is, he impersonates a male model and begins romancing her with some bizarre behavior, presenting himself as a gold-digging male interested in leading the good life with a working wife.


Never Lend Money To A Woman – Keefe Brasselle, who was considered an up-and-coming leading man in some quarters during the 1950’s, plays an inept new employee of a local loan company who is a soft touch for everyone who wants to borrow money. That goes double when it’s the girl he’s crazy about (Anna Maria Alberghetti), even though she’s planning on a marrying rich, kooky playboy (Roger Smith, who later married Ann Margret). When Brasselle’s boss tells him to get the money back or else, he has to choose between his romance and his job. 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023

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