Discovering Lost Films Documenting African American History

Restoring Harlem Theatre 1968


Restoring 1970 CBS Kinescope

"Caught In the Middle"with Morgan Freeman

Gary Bolling (left)  & George Lee Miles (right)

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Harlem Theater (1968)

This 16mm film of a 97-minute, German-made 1968 documentary is about the radical improvisations of the Harlem Theatre, shot just weeks after Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination. 

Caught in the Middle (1970)

with Morgan Freeman

This low-budget made-for-television special called "Caught in the Middle" was filmed in Harlem and starred Morgan Freeman in one of his earliest roles. It aired on WCBS-TV in New York on December 16, 1970 and then was never seen again.

New Orleans News Coverage

School Integration in the Deep South (November 24, 1961)

Lost WDSU-TV New Orleans Television Coverage of School Integration in the Deep South during the height of the Civil Rights era.

Newark Race Riot Coverage

CBS News (1973)

On Location with Shaft's Big Score (1972)

A 16mm Kinescope of the Newark Race Riots 1973 Coverage by CBS News and Jim Jenson.

A 16mm Kinescope of the Newark Race Riots 1973 Coverage by CBS News and Jim Jenson.

Rare 16mm Color & B&W Home Movies shot on reel-to-reel video tape recorders on the set of Shaft's Big Score.

Interview with Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshal (1954)

Among outtakes from Dumont Television's "Night Beat" was this rare clip of Thurgood Marshall's conversation with Mike Wallace. 

Actor Leonard Jackson (1973)

A conversation with actor Leonard Jackson (Five on the Black Hand Side, Super Spook, The Color Purple) in 1973 with Ira H. Gallen. (Uncut Footage)

Hollywood Roundtable 1963

Harry Belafonte, Charlton Heston, Sidney Poitier, Joseph Manckiewicz, Marlon Brando, James Baldwin



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