Kids Programing of the 1950's

Needing to be  Restored

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Diver Dan

Rare interview with creator J.Anthony Ferlaine

SUPER CIRCUS and Claude Kirchner 

& Mary Hartline 1989

SUPER CIRCUS host Claude Kirchner interview with Ira H. Gallen in 1989

Ira Gallen, Claude Kirchner

and my sister Rona 

SUPER CIRCUS in 1956 with

3 Musketeers candy commercials

Click: To learn more about Claude Kirchner

The Billy Johnson Show (1957)

Wonderama Christmas Toys Segment (1956)

WONDERAMA with Sonny Fox on Metro-Media Channel 5

CLICK: To learn more about Sonny Fox, and some of the Wonderama show I want to save and preserve.

Featuring Korean performers dancing and playing music, this is an uncharacteristically ethnic show for this period. Legendary animator Lew Gifford and Sony Fox

The Rootie Kazootie Show Steve Carlin Collection

Click to learn more about Rootie Kazootie, and watch more shows that need to be restored. The additional 16mm Kinescopes are from the Steve Carlin collection

In Search of Animator Bob Clampet (Beany & Cecil)

Interview with Bob Clampet's wife Sody about his career.

Mattel commercial for Beany & Cecil

Joe Dimaggio's Dugout (1954)

Daybreak Don Riggs, Johnny Costa 1954  220 west 71st Street New York City 10023 (212) 724 - 7055