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It’s all memory flashes back to my boomer past: “Say Kids What Time Is It?” What are you talking about? Well, it’s Howdy Doody time of course. One can’t believe that there was something called a Dilly Dally, Rootie Kazootie, Polka Dottie, Kukla, Ollie and a Jerry Mahoney. It’s a secret code between aging boomers who know the name of puppets and marionettes that are all but forgotten thoughts among still pictures and poor quality images seen on the internet. Then of course who doesn’t know what happens when Froggy plucks his magic twanger on Andy’s Gang?  


The Rootie Kazootie Club


While where restoring the original 16mm kinescopes with the Indiana University film department, you'll still enjoy the analog transfers of these classic kid shows  to relive your boomer childhood in the mean time.

Click to learn more about Rootie Kazootie, and watch more shows that need to be restored. The additional 16mm Kinescopes are from the Steve Carlin collection



 Interview with Claude Kirchner

& Ira H. Gallen 1989 

In Search of Animator Bob Clampet (Beany & Cecil)

Interview with Bob Clampet's

wife Sody about his career.

Mattel commercial Beany & Cecil

Joe Dimaggio's Dugout (1954)

Daybreak Johnny Costa 1954

The Billy Johnson Show 1957

Space Patrol State of the Art Premium Toys for Kids

Click : Watch Diver Dan

Any's Gang with Andy Devine in The Leopards Spots  1955  220 west 71st Street New York City 10023 (212) 724 - 7055 

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