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CAPTAIN VIDEO and his VIDEO RANGERS (approx 60 min)

Two episodes from the early run of the series, starring Richard Coogan as the Captain and Don Hastings as the Video Ranger. In episode one, the Captain has defeated the Martian warrior Seta in hand-to-hand combat and is trying to conclude peace negotiations on the fate of the defeated planet Terzan. But on Earth, Dr. Pauli (Hal Conklin) is trying to form an allegiance with the warlike Terzan government and destroy the Captain's peace plan, even as he heads to Terzan to make the peace work. In episode two, Dr. Pauli has joined forces with the sinister warlord Su Ching Sing, and murdered a member of the Dancing Bear Tong. The Captain wants to know what their plans are and arrests Black Dick Connelly, a treacherous ship's captain who has done business with Su Ching Sing. But Connelly is killed before he can answer questions. Meanwhile, Dr. Pauli and Su Ching Sing are planning the death of the Captain.


Yet another episode, never before offered, of this ultra-rare Dumont Network series, which is often mentioned and discussed, but hardly ever seen because surviving copies are so rare. Captain Video (Richard Coogan) is battling the Sparrow, an ambitious scientist attempting to control and exploit a form of energy so dangerous that it threatens the safety of the entire Universe. The Sparrow plans to tap into this energy by creating a huge earthquake starting at Mt. Vinderam, never realizing that the resulting tremors may be so severe that the Earth itself could be placed in jeopardy. The Video Ranger (Don Hastings) makes a plug for the Captain Video Secret Identifying Ring.

JET JACKSON (30 min)

When Ovaltine ceased to sponsor CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT after its initial network run, the name "Captain Midnight" had to be removed, since Ovaltine owned it. So the producers retitled and redubbed the show as "JET JACKSON: THE FLYING COMMANDO." In this episode, Jet Jackson (Richard Webb) tries to find out what became of a scientist friend of his (Robert Bice) who disappeared only hours before the first test of a new defensive missile that he developed. Jackson traces the missing man to a nest of spies who are trying to force him to reveal how his missile works. The two men are placed aboard the target plane for the test, and have to find a way out before they're blown to bits by the missile. Also starring Sid Melton as Ichabod Mudd, Jackson's mechanic, and Olan Soule as Aristotle ("Tut") Jones, his research scientist/assistant.


Yes, there were two pilots for the TV adventures of the Robinson Family's flight into the unknowns of outer space. Compare both episodes for yourself as your favorite robot is missing from the first show, with some other surprising changes. To say the least, this is a rare collector's item. Our childhood ZORRO superhero Guy Williams played professor John Robinson, June Lockhart (of LASSIE fame) played Maureen Robinson, Mark Goddard was Major Don West, Marta Kristen was Judy, Billy Mumy portrayed Will, and Jonathan Harris became our favorite space-age villain Dr. Zachary Smith. Bob May was the voice of the robot.


This outer space adventure marked the debut of Rocky Jones and his Space Rangers. Two of Rocky's allies are captured by aliens and brain washed.


ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER Volume #1 (approx 60 min)

The first show (a two-parts) of the series introduces the entire cast. At the opening, Professor Norton is considered an outlaw, having renounced his citizenship and all of his properties including the Norton Observatory, to remain on the enemy planet Ophicius with his ward Bobby. Vena, who worked as an interpreter on Ophiucius during Professor Norton's visit, barges her way into Space Ranger Headquarters to tell Secretary Drake that she thinks Prof. Norton was forced to make those statements, and that he and Bobby should be rescued. Rocky doesn't think a dangerous space mission "is any place for a girl," but is ordered to take Vena along. Meanwhile, Griff, a traitorous Space Ranger, tries to set up an ambush to destroy Rocky's ship. But Rocky destroys the attacking ship and makes it to Ophicius, where he fakes a forced landing and makes contact with Norton and Bobby. But he doesn't realize that Ophiucius's evil ruler, Cleolanta, knows why Rocky is there and plans to turn him against the Space Rangers.


ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER Volume #2 (approx 90 min)

A three-part episode introducing new key elements of the series. After failing to open diplomatic relations with Ophiucius, Rocky is on his way back to Earth aboard the Orbit Jet when he spots a space anomaly that causes him to alter course--a pair of "Gypsy Moons," wandering the galaxy linked together by gravity and an atmosphere chain. He moves in to investigate and discovers that the two moons are inhabited. One is called Posito and the other Negato--landing on Posito, he finds a race of highly verbal people, led by their ruler Vavaro (John Banner of HOGAN'S HEROES); and on Negato, a race of people who use music but not many words. After starting to learn their language, however, Rocky discovers that the people of Posito want him to help them destroy Negato, and they take Vena hostage to force him to their side. He has to find a way to change their minds and make peace between the two moons. Rocky is out of contact for so long, that he is declared lost by the Space Rangers--Cleolanta of Ophiucius, learning of this, plans to use recordings that she has of Rocky's voice in a daring plan to kidnap Secretary Drake and use him to destroy United Worlds.


ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER Volume #3 (approx 90 min)

Rocky is happy to learn that the gypsy moons Posito and Negato are moving into Earth's solar system, which will give him a chance to see his friends on Posito. The rendezvous, however, nearly destroys the space station where Professor Norton, Vena, and Bobby are waiting, when it is caught in the atmosphere chain between the two moons. The professor then learns that Posito is headed for an almost certain collision with the outlaw planet Ophiucius, which will destroy both worlds. The people of Negato agree to open their world to both the people of Posito and Ophiucius, and the Positans are glad to accept, but Cleolanta would rather try and destroy Posito and save her planet, even if she kills the people of Posito. Rocky must stop her fleet and persuade her to accept a peaceful resettlement.


ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER Volume #4 (approx 30 min)

Rocky Jones is returning from a mission when he decides to investigate a mystery – an old-style umbrella found on the seemingly uninhabited planet Mandora. While investigating, Vena removes a thorn from the paw of a wild dog, which befriends her. Meanwhile, Rocky finds the answer to his mystery – the umbrella belongs to Miss Pilkington, an aging spinster from Earth who has lived on the planet for decades, feared by the primitive Mandorans as some kind of a goddess. Now the Mandorans take Vena as a sacrifice to help cleanse their world on the intrusion of Rocky and his crew.


ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER Volume #5 (approx 60 min)

Two self-contained half-hour episodes of the series. In “Kip’s Private War,” a young ward of the Space Rangers whose father is a convicted criminal creates havoc at headquarters until he’s found out. Rocky decides to teach Kip a lesson by bringing him to a nearby planet run by a self-styled space bandit named Pinto Vortando (Ted Hecht), who is running for the elected leadership of the planet. Rocky is captured by Pinto, and all seems lost, until Kip decides to use his skills at practical jokes to help Rocky. In “Escape Into Space,” master criminal Chuck Harmon (Frank Wilcox), who is wanted for dealing in controlled substances, steals a spaceship – killing a man in the process – to escape Earth and head for safe haven on Forinax, a planet that has no extradition treaty with United Worlds. Rocky follows him and, with help from Bobby and his little girlfriend Volicka, daughter of the ruler, they make Harmon wonder if the trip was worth it.


ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER Volume #6 (approx 60 min)

Rocky Jones comes up against one of his deadliest enemies, and one of his friendliest alien acquaintances. Olympic champion Rudy DiMarco (Richard Avonde) is a hero on Earth, and seemingly the ideal candidate for an exchange program with the newly friendly government of the planet Herculon under their new leader, Juliandra (Ann Robinson). But Rudy and his mentor, Dr. Reno (Thomas B. Henry), have other plans – that he romance Juliandra, marry her, and become the ruler of Herculon, the better to carry out their plans against United Worlds. Meanwhile, Professor Mayberry has determined that Earth’s sun is growing cold, due to an anomaly on its surface, and he and Dr. Reno must work on a way to restore the sun’s heat – they devise Tutonic missiles that must be fired from two different ships, but Reno plans to divert the missiles and hold the Earth hostage, after Rudy’s attempt to gain control of Herculon fails. He gets unexpected help from the interplanetary bandit Pinto Vortando (Ted Hecht), who has been captured by Rocky and knows how to fly a spaceship. Note: This episode introduces James Lydon (Henry Aldrich from the 1940’s) in the role of Biffin Cardoza, Rocky’s new co-pilot from Herculon.


ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER Volume #7 (approx 60 min)

Rocky and his crew find themselves on Ankapor, a neutral haven in the nearby galaxy without any extradition treaties or recognition from other planets’ laws. La Volga, the leader of Ankapor, guards his planet’s neutrality carefully – too carefully, as he later learns. Rocky is set upon by Rudy DiMarco, Dr. Reno, and his old enemy, turncoat space ranger Griff (who looked to have been killed at the end of the series’ very first episode); they frame Rocky for assault and for smuggling, using his reformed bandit friend Pinto Vortando (Ted Hecht) as bait. At the subsequent trial, we see flashback to earlier adventures of Rocky Jones as both sides attempt to win La Volga’s sympathy. The case could go either way, until a planetary quake shows La Volga what each of these man, accusers and accused, are made of.


ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER Volume #8 (approx 60 min)

“THE ROBOT OF REGALIO” : Professor Mayberry and Secretary Drake discover that the planetoid Hermes is being pulled out of its orbit by a powerful force – it turns out to be emanating from the distant planet Regallo, whose ruler the Nizam (Ian Keith) wants to show the power of his electronic weapons, and plans to make Earth his next target. United Worlds sends Rocky Jones to stop him, but he needsa base of operations close to Regallo, on Herculon – that planet’s ruler, Juliandra (Ann Robinson), is favorably disposed to United Worlds. Unknown to Rocky, however, Juliandra has a mad twin sister, Noviandra, who hates United Worlds and everything it stands for, and breaks out of the cell where she is imprisoned to take over the planet and act on her wishes. Rocky and his allies are arrested when they arrive, but Juliandra escapes and locks her sister away, allowing Rocky to proceed with his mission to Ragalio. He finds only one solution to save the Earth, release the super-powerful robot that operates the weapon in order to destroy it, but then Noviandra escapes her cell again and goes to Regalio with plans of destruction of her own.


ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER Volume #9 (approx 60 min)

“Silver Needle In The Sky” (approx 60 min): Rocky Jones is assigned to fly a group of intergalactic dignitaries to a peace conference in space, including the Earth ambassador, Dr. Tysen. Cleolanta, ruler of the outlaw planet Ophiucius, decides to destroy the conference and free Dargento and Griff, two of her men previously captured by the Space Rangers. The delegates to the conference are held captive in exchange for Dargento and Griff – but Dargento can’t abide the fact that Cleolanta’s new top aide Atlasan will get credit for his rescue, and decides to see to it that Rocky and the others die “accidentally,” thus triggering a war.


Milton Caniff's jet-age comic strip hero came to television for NBC's 1958-59 season, and is represented here by a real jewel of an episode, directed by Lamont Johnson, the man behind such superb thrillers as THE GROUNDSTAR CONSPIRACY and ESCAPE FROM IRAN in the 1970's and 1980's, and boasts a near-all-star guest cast. Colonel Steve Canyon (Dean Fredericks, remembered in sci-fi circles for THE PHANTOM PLANET) and his co-pilot Major Willie Williston (Jerry Paris, pre-Dick Van Dyke Show and Mork & Mindy) are flying to Big Thunder Air Force Base when they are way laid by a trio of stowaways.

(Gavin McLeod, Jack Weston, Vito Scotti) who are planning to rob the bank at Penrose Air Force Base. Faking engine trouble, they land at Penrose and McLeod and Scotti impersonate Canyon and Williston, while Weston holds the real pilots on the plane, and explains that neither of them will survive to tell what really happened. Canyon and Williston, bound and gagged in the back of their plane with an armed man as guard, have only 30 minutes to halt the thieves and save their own lives.


The legendary sci-fi series of the 1950's, which ran from 1950-55 on ABC, returns with an episode featuring veteran character actor George Chandler (Lassie, Abbott & Costello, Superman etc.--Chandler was also Ronald Reagan's successor as president of the Screen Actors' Guild in the early 1960's) as a scientist threatened by a mysterious bomber trying to kill him for an unknown reason. Commander Buzz Corey of Space Patrol steps in, with help from his assistant, Cadet Happy (Lyn Osborn) and Carol (Virginia Hewitt), daughter of the Secretary General of the United Planets, and finds the culprit is a good deal closer to the victim than anyone could have guessed. 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023

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