This is the first in an unparalleled series of tapes devoted solely to the commercials from this wonderful era of television. Volume I includes Mr. Potato Head, Daffy Drops, Merry Milkman, Pencil Craft Color by Numbers, Grab a Loop, Robot Commando, Roy Rogers Quick Shooter Hat, Trick Shot, Lionel's Turbo Missile Firing Collection, Lionel Microscope and Biocraft Sets, Tiger Joe Tank, The Dick Tracy Shoulder Holster Radio and Two Way Wrist Radio, Dick Tracy Silent Bay and Target Game, 007 Action Pack, Man from UNCLE Secret Pen, 007 Vapor Paper, Fighter Jet, Steve Canyon Helmet, Countdown Missile Bases, Astrobase and Colonel McCauley Space Helmet, Deluxe Man in Space, Billy Blastoff, Johnny Reb Civil War Cannon, Gaylord the Dog, Lucky Star Bubble Gum Machine, Buddy L Car Set, BONANZA Action Set with Pa, Hoss and Little Joe, Roy Rogers Telephone and Chuck Wagon Set, and Mr. Machine. A Special Road Race section: a great series of long road race commercials with action music and great angles -- Rocket 500, Johnny Lightning Road Race Set-Up and Eldon Dune Buggy Set, plus a long Ding-a-Ling robot collection of dozens of different motorized robots. The tape also includes a TV segment with Garry Moore showing off the best toys to buy for Christmas 1953, the Toy Guidance Council's Power Car Jr. which runs by batteries and can run in the house or outside, Clatter Gaiters pull blocks, Harriet Hubbard Ayer Doll and Makeup kit, German Toy Company Shueco has a series great metal wind up car toys, "Wire Road Traffic Set", then a magic Whistle makes a metal car toy move on its own. The German company includes a real looking monkey doll then a flying mobile geese and dart rifle.


The Suzie Homemaker Series has a detailed film showing the full line of products coming out including dishwashers, corn poppers, Super Oven, Super grill, blender, refrigerator, washer, ironing board, hair dryer, all with commercials included in the presentation. Then Junior Chef spots with popcorn maker, corn popper, baking mix, cotton candy, baking center, and Polar icemaker introduced by Shari Lewis. Also: Emenee Lollypop Factory, Mickey Mouse candy factory by Remco, Tiger Guitar by Emenee, Tressy Makeup Face, Bonomo's Turkish Taffy, Klanky chocolate syrup robot, Cheerios kids and the dragon, Twinkies, Karo Syrup, Tootsie Rolls, Fiddle Faddle, PDQ, Joe Namath, Cocoa Puffs, Hostess Ding Dongs, Spinner Top Hats, Star Brite Toothpaste, Fuzzy Wuzzy Animal Soap, Soaring Sam Plane, Telstar Coleco Game, Rub in Glue, Bowlamatic 300, Land and Rover Toy, Evel Kneivel Bike Motor Cross, Silvercup Bread, Pepsodent, Skippy Peanut Butter, Kid Air Travel, Fizzie's Tablets, Motorific Car Set, Kellogg's Space Patrol, Captain Gallant for Heinz with Buster Crabbe and son Cuffy, Mystery Date by Milton Bradley and many more.


Some remarkable kids commercials from the pioneering days of TV including The Milton Bradley series with Easy Money, Park 7 Shop, Chutes and Ladders, Racko, Pirate and Traveler, Uncle Wiggly Game, Go to the Head of the Class, Game of the States, Candyland, Tootsie Roll Pop, Fizzies, Bosco Clown, Good and Plenty, Michigan Milk, Alpha Bits, Nabisco, Rice and Wheat Honey, Coke, Fig Newtons, Betty Crocker, Pick-a-Pack, Welch's Candy with the voice of Mae Questal, Wheat Honeys with Mae Questal as Buffalo Bee, Patty Duke, Silly String, Ozzie and Harriet for Listerine Antizyme Toothpaste with David Nelson in a dentist chair and a strange machine to test his teeth for chocolate, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck for Kool Tang, Grape Nuts with Andy Griffith and Don Knotts, Flintstone Kent commercial, Kay Bee Toys Drive Safely for the Holidays, Doodle Buggy, Tootsie Rolls, Etch a Sketch, Kentucky Fried Chicken with a black family, Clackers Cereal with free glider, Bob Richards for Wheaties, Ideal Chips are Down. The lesser known company of Whitman Toys brings Bendorable, Magic Board and Tip-Eez Finger Paints, the making of Robert the Robot in the Ideal Toy Factory, Clackers free snap together Dune Buggy Kit, Miss Francis on Ding Dong School doing a Wheaties commercial live on camera, plus a rare short called THE FUTURE OF TOYS (circa 1959), which, like this whole tape, is incredible.


Super Helmet Seven, Hostess Cup Cakes, Wyler's Lemon Mix, Frosty O's, Wheat Honeys with farm animal giveaway inside, Kerry and Mia dolls by Ideal, Lucky Charms, Twinkies, Pepsi 16-oz. bottles, Johnny Seven OMA-Micro Helmet and 7-in-one gun, the one man army, Ipana Toothpaste, Nabisco Oreos, Swiss Creme, Fig Newtons, Lorna Doone, Devil Food Squares, Chocolate Pecans, Vanilla Wafers, Chiparoons, Coke, Nabisco Jr.'s with free spoon men, Coke with Sandra Dee, Bosco with Dick Van Dyke, Laura Scudder's Potato Chips, Gino's Pizza with Soupy Sales, ITC Special sales film for Ideal Toy Company. This series shows you their latest commercials selling models, including sales figures and what shows they will be on (see Ideal Volume One in our first catalogue), Roy Rogers and Claude Kirschner going to South America to give away Ideal toys to underprivileged children, Peter Paul Almond Joy, Quaker Puffs and a special air hockey series by Coleco.


Bucky Beaver Space Man for Ipana Toothpaste, Pirate Party with Armour Franks, Baker's Instant Chocolate with Jiminy Cricket, Matty Mattel tells Sister Bell it's time to watch how Mattel's Winchester Rifle saved the West, Scotch Brand tape with premium flying saucer, The Vitamin Game for One a Day with Jimmy Dodd, Coke and a Walrus, Trix, Lawrence Welk promo, PF Flyers, The Mars Candy Man in the Snickers factory, Sid Melton plays a GI in a Mattel spot for Fire Bolt Guns, Cy Lettuce, Sickers Dragon, Morton Salt with a surprise voice, Savings Bonds, Ozzie and Harriet coming attraction, Mattel's Shoot n' Shell Fanner 500 sets and Greenie Stick 'Em caps, Swift Premium for charts of baseball players Bill Pierce, Gil McDougal and player standups, Swifty Flyers for PF Flyers, Mattel's Tommy Burp and Thunder Burp guns, Cheerios Kids Football, Bosco Chocolateers with Dick Van Dyke and Tex Antoine, Ted Steele for Elvis Presley's new film JAILHOUSE ROCK, Kid dreams of owning a Chevy and having a drivers license, Ideal Toy Special for 1958 which looks at the new toys for Christmas including the Steve Canyon Collection with Milton Caniff, Kid TV hosts Sandy Becker, Fred Scott and the Shirley Temple line. Shows how to make store displays and a lot more surprises, I promise. A great short of the history of the Ideal Bears, Rootie Kazootie selling Silvercup Bread and Ovation, what more can you ask?


An hour's worth of commercials dealing with all aspects of a kid's life circa 1950-67. Older baby-boomers may remember Space Patrol's Space Binoculars (they make you look "like a man from Mars," Howdy Doody hawking Tootsie Rolls, and the Lone Ranger pushing Cheerios and the Lone Ranger Rapid-fire Revolver. Billy Mumy in his pre-LOST IN SPACE days demonstrates the Dick Tracy Snub-nose .38 and Tommy Gun, and the Gilbert company presents its erector sets, chemistry, astronomy, electronic, and physics sets and kits. Anyone who was growing up in the mid-1960's will recall Thimble City Union Station, the Lionel Train sets with missile-launching cars, and G.I. Joe's Hill 79 game and the Lost Capsule adventure, and games like Mouse Trap and Pie Face. More great spots include Burp Gun, Mattel's blue box, Mouse-Geetar with Jimmy Dodd, See 'N Say, Hot Wheels, Vac-u-Form, Patta-Burp Doll, Baby First Step, Thing Maker in color, Cheerful Tearful Doll, Creepie Peepie, Time Machine.


Hold on to your taste buds, it's the Thing Maker by Mattel with the power to make Incredible Edibles, Kris and Tootie dolls by Mattel, Slaptrap by Ideal, Motorific, Johnny Astro, Little Miss Fussy-Topper, Electro-Shot Shooting Gallery by Marx, The Frito Bandido, Sound of Power Military and Western Rifle by Marx, Cheerios, Playdo Fun Factory, Quake and Quisp Cereal, Cocoa Puffs, Corn Bursts Cereal, Cap'n Crunch, The Thing Maker Mini-Dragons, Barbie Dresses, Shake a Pudd'n by Royal, Kelloggs Free Old West Trail Scout Kit, Puffa Puffa Rice, Toastettes, Cookie Man, Cheerios, Frosty O's, M-16 Marauder Gun, Francie and Kassy Dolls by Mattel, Cheerios with Bullwinkle, Whistle Crunch Snacks, Increasable Eatables by Mattel, M & M's, Flintstones One a Day Vitamins, Hawaiian Punch, Finders Keepers by Milton Bradley, Stratego Board Game, Sky King intro for Nabisco, rare FORBIDDEN PLANET TV spot, Motorific Test rack and cars, Baby First Step by Mattel, Snow White Walking Dwarfs by Wheat and Rice Honeys, Sugar Mama Candy Pop, Action Highway by Ideal, Super City by Ideal, Sugar Smacks, great Slinky commercials, series of SPACE PATROL commercials selling space binoculars from Ralston Purina, special sales film for the Gilbert Company in 1963 selling model planes, erector sets, trains and of course lots more.


Let's freak you toy people with a great series of Soaky commercials selling Palmolive plastic containers filled with liquid bubble bath of the Chipmunks, Munsters, Mickey Mouse and Mouseketeers, Donald Duck and Porky Pig, Snow White and Dopey Disney soap, a great series of US Keds sneaker spots with the classic Spacepack Astro Pack, Maltex cereal, Maypo, Matty soap and toys, One a Day vitamins, Hostess Cakes, Cream Farina, Puppetrina by EEGEE, Chocolate Mix, Nifty Loose-leaf paper, Flutter the Butterfly collecting kit, Rub On by Hasbro, ManiYak, Jack Frosted Chocolate Milk, Turkish Taffy, Almond Cluster, Dunkin Donuts, Funny Bones, Drake's Cakes, Golden Cakes, PF Flyers with Johnny Quest, Nabisco Space Guy, Dell Books, Smilin' Ed for Buster Brown shoes, a great series of Alka Seltzer commercials with everybody's favorite little guy Speedy Alka Seltzer. You'll see Buster Keaton co-starring with Speedy and more.


Includes Jingle Jump (with song), PF Flyers with Johnny Quest magic ring, Nabisco, Coke roller coaster, American Heritage Books, Smilin' Ed for Buster Brown, three One-a-Day Vitamin spots, three Lipton Soup spots, The Speedy Alka Seltzer Collection with six commercials including two with Buster Keaton, Halo Shampoo, Snickers, Beanie and Cecil, Suzie Furniture, Tippie Tin Music Box, Charming Chatty, Chatty Baby, Strum Fun, Barbie, Casper Guitar, Beanie and Cecil Dolls, Lie Detector, Casper Doll, Sonar Sub Hunt, and much more.


Includes Swivel Shot Holster, Little Burp Gun, Buffalo Hunter Set, Shootin' Shell Winchester and knife, Fanner Joe, Colt Six Shooter Rifle, Overland Stage Set, Durahide Holsters, Snub Nose .38, Greenie Stick 'Em Caps, Blaze, Tommy Burst, Detective Set, Fastest Gun Holster, Two Gun Wrangler, Plainsman Holster Set, Buckle Gun Holster, Push Out Your Stomach, The Trail Boss with Two Guns, Water Rifle Sound Gun, Dick Tracy Power Jet, Power Jet Gun with Billy Mumy from LOST IN SPACE, Winchester Reproductions, Saddle Gun, SUPER CIRCUS, Johnson and Johnson First Aid Creme, Black Patch, Mighty Mouse for Colgate, and much more.


This tape is a nostalgia bonanza. It includes live clips of Sonny Fox doing a Good Humor commercial on the 1950s children's show WONDERAMA, Sandy Becker doing a Bosco Chocolate Drink spot, and GRANPA'S PLACE endorsing both Flavor Straws and the Remco Radio Station. A rare series of Colorform commercials hypes the Popeye Cartoon Kit. There are also other advertisements for: Miss Cookies Kitchen, The Great Garloo, King Zor, a Rin Tin Tin toy contest, Slinky, Kellogg's Rice and Wheat Honeys featuring Mary Poppins plastic figure premiums, Duncan Sportline Yo Yos, PF Flyer's adventure to save the scientist, Sticky Fingers, Buster Brown shoes, Fluffer Nutter, The Greatest Show on Earth, Wisnik, Dixie cups, Lays Potato Chips (featuring Burt Lahr), Remco's Yankee Doodle Missile Base, Tiny Tears, Drive-in Movie Theater, Cocoa Marsh Chocolate Drink with a Space Man Pez Dispenser premium, Toodles Baby Doll, Big Wheel, Marx Targetland Rifle Range, The Best of the West with Johnny West dolls, Noble Knights, Marx Action Playset, Sound of Power Astro Gun, G.I. Joe Adventure Team, Fisher Price toys with a Santa Claus spot, Johnny Eagle Gun Sets, Frisbee, Fascination Game, Tricky Doodle Duck and Tommy Turtle, Voice-control Kennedy Airport, Baby Crawl-Along, and Astro Train by Remco. In addition, there is also rare footage of the Topper Toy Factory making its Deluxe Redding Toys that were to be marketed in food shops


This volume includes commercials for: Zeroids, Barrel of Monkeys, Rock‘em Sock'em Robots, Multi Pistol 09, Secret Sam, Super Spy Attaché Case, The Gung Ho Commando Outfit, V-Room Hot Rodder engine, Jimmy Jet, Suzy Smart, The Witch Doctor's Head Shrinkers Kit with the Veda Board, Remco Penny Arcade, Roger Maris Baseball, Whistles Potato chips, Cocoa Marsh Chocolate drink (featuring the train), The Emenee Electric Organ, Dynamite Shack, Dune Buggy Wheelies, Finger Ding Dolls, Adventure Boy, Baby Laughed A lot, Might Casey, Polly Puff Playhouse, Mister Brain Robot, Boatniks, Tru Smoke Diesel Trucks, Jumpsy Dolls, Speed Rail sets, Quick Shot, Newborn Thumbelina, Wrestle Around, Jalopy Showdown, Kerplunk, RCA Color TVs, Bop-A-Bear, Tootsie Rolls, Keds Sneakers with Space Wheel premiums, Billy Blastoff the scuba diver scout, Johnny Lighting Road Race, Suzie Homemaker Sweet Shop, Shark Pack, Trix dreams, Lucky Charms, Brylcreem, Thick & Frosty, Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, Walking Thumbalina, Flatsy Dolls, Shasta, Zoom It, Creepy Crawler and the Thingmaker, Frisbee, Country Cornflakes and Jets. Vintage Cheerios commercials feature the spaceship, the kid fighting the dragon, and a Bullwinkle promo. Several Barbie ads are also included: Barbie and Skipper, Barbie the Fashion Model, Malibu Barbie, and Barbie Color and Curls. Also, Santa promotes highway safety, Woody Woodpecker endorses the United Fund, and an Aurora Toys sales film featuring the Flintstones who introduce the Hanna Barbara line


This volume improves upon an already outstanding series, including ads for the following: Kelloggs cereal with a Smaxey Playball premium, Chatty Baby and Family, Clackers, Hershey Instant Chocolate Milk, Frosted Flakes, Quisp & Quick Space Adventure, Franken Berry & Count Chocula, KoolPops, Chee-tos, Trix, Shasta Cherry Coke, Wheaties, Cheerios Double Trouble car premium, Pebbles cereal, Frito Bandito song, Big Thumb, Barbie & her friend BJ, Billy Blastoff Space Base, Chatty Cathy, Robin Hood Hat, Cheerios with its mountain climber, Stella Doro cookies. And several commercials for such Johnson and Johnson products as First Aid Cream, No More Tears shampoo, and Band Aids Plastic Strips. There are also quite a few interesting celebrity endorsement ads: Bugs Bunny and the Monkeys pushing Kool Aid, Andy Griffith hyping Post Toasties, the Road Runner advertising a Plymouth sale, the Flintstones selling One-a-Day Vitamins, Bill and Cora Beard with their puppets promoting Brylcreme, Mighty Mouse fighting tooth decay for Colgate, and a clip of Dick Williams and Superman urging America's youth to Join The Air Force. In 1957, two special 15-minute segments on toys aired on the kids show WONDERAMA with Herb Sheldon, and they are both very funny and particularly rare. And there is even a sponsorship commercial Maypo.


Anyone who grew up between the early 1950’s and the late 1960’s can tell you – candy commercials were not only common on television, but downright ubiquitous. Primarily aimed at children, they were scheduled at saturation levels on Saturdays mornings and most afternoons from 4 pm until 7 pm on most stations. This tape contains many of the most familiar – Good & Plenty (with the magic trick bonus, and Choo-Choo Charlie the engineer), Mars Bars, 3 Musketeers, Goobers, Raisinets, Nestle’s Quik, Screaming Yellow Zonkers, Crackerjacks (a great spot with Jack Gilford), Bazooka Bubble Gum, Dentyne, Lifesavers (psychedelic cartoons), Chunky (the whale, the barge, the giant chocolate), Kit Kats, marshmallow Fluff, Adams Sour Gum, Pez, and other products that filled the sounds, images, and imaginations of our childhoods. The commercials are a blend of animation, live action, ‘50s style and ‘60s styles, black-and-white and color, and some are scored with a rock ‘n roll beat, some of the early ones featuring kid show hosts like Claude Kirschner, Mary Hartline, and Rootie Kazootie and Big Todd Russell. 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023