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Discovering the lost 16mm episodes of

The Rootie Kazootie Club created by Steve Carlin

Rootie Kazootie was a boy “keen on sports” who played his “magic kazootie” and wore his signature baseball cap with the over sized bill turned up. Life-sized human characters included host and “chief rooter” Todd ("Big Todd") Russell, and the non-speaking policeman Mr. Deetle Dootle, played by John Schoeopperle in 1950 and by John Vee thereafter.


Puppeteer Paul Ashley controlled his movements, along with those of the “great Mexican catador” El Squeako Mouse, while Naomi Lewis supplied their voices. Lewis also provided the voice of Rootie’s girl friend Polka Dottie. Frank Milano provided both the actions and voices for their spotted canine companion Gala Poochie Pup and for arch-villain Poison Zoomack, who constantly tried to steal Polka Dottie’s polka dots and the magic kazootie.

The show was performed live in front of a studio audience of schoolchildren, who were also active participants. They joined in singing the theme song proclaiming "Who is the boy, who is full of zip and joy? He's Rootie Kazootie!" at the beginning of each show.

THE ROOTIE KAZOOTIE CLUB  running time 30 min

It’s a trip down memory lane when any baby-boomer can relive watching “The Rootie Kazootie Show”. This sing-along-and-play-games-with-the-kids show first aired in September of 1950, created by Steve Carlin.  Great contests to win a Schwin bike, and records from RCA.

 Watch a complete episode of 

The Rootie Kazootie Club 

The Rootie Kazootie Collection

You'll have a chance to read all these classic books,comics and coloring books

Listen to Rootie Kazootie 45 RPM Records

Visiting the storage room of Steve Carlin the creator of  the Rootie Kazootie show to see the condition of the puppets, props, memorabilia and films. Steve was starting to have Alzheimer's and his memory was failing  so I got very little factual information.

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This is the first hour of the three hour live special  transferred during the analog era off the 16mm kinescope from the show’s creatore Steve Carlin.


This broadcast was the only time that the Rootie   was known as Rootie Tootie, and his dog was called “Nipper” here because of the RCA record company sponsorship. (RCA later dropped the show, and the dog was renamed Galapuchie). The show was done live from what we know as Radio City Music Hall, but which was known in those days as the Centre Theatre at Radio City. 

 Rootie  Theme Song

 Rootie  Quiz Contest win a Schwinn Bike & get your Secret Kazootie Ring


Rootie Kazootie trying to get Poison Zoomack to return his Magic Kazootie. It’s with his Kazootie Poison Zoomack has started trouble by stealing Polka Dottie’s famous dots from her dress. Great Gala Poochie Quiz Contests and song include:  The Crock dial Song; Western Song; Me and My Gal, Shine away your Blues and more.

ROOTIE KAZOOTIE Sings IRVING BERLIN ‘Oh, How I Hate to get up in the Morning’.

 Rootie  friend Blinkity Blink.

 Rootie  Kazootie Theme Song

  Officer Mr. Deedle Doodle.

Rootie Kazootie End Credits

El Squeako the  Mouse

Rootie Kazootie girlfriend Polka Dottie.

Rootie Kazootie villain Poison Zoomack


Rootie Kazootie  and his dog Gala Poochie Quiz

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