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My Pandemic  Diary

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            My Corona Virus Diaries

               as experienced by Ira H. Gallen

Co-starring Keir Dullea, Sebastian Cabot, and a animated Anthony Fauci among other adventures on the upper westside of New York City.

My Corona Virus Diaries Part 2 

Mount Sinai Hospital,Trader Joe’s, Atlanta Brave Baseball Controversy, Pluto the Dog and the Mad Doctor

Lost in My Staircase with No Elevator for Two Months with Daffy, Porky and the Corona Virus Task Force Singers.


From A I R to Eternity

along Riverside Park, Upper Westside, NYC  

Program Highlights:

New York City and the Atom Bomb

Program Highlights:

Mystery Night Boomer Movie Classics

Program Highlights: Paul Terry-Toons presents " Club Sandwich", Mattel Snub Noise 38, Detective series, Johnny Astro and The Beatles.

The Naked Corona Virus City  April  2020

A Message from the Chairman of The Babyboomer Board with Ira H.Gallen

Hanky Panky: Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases

Mighty Mouse  Battles the Coronavirus in Central Park, New York City

P a n d e m i c  T h e a t e r

Chapter One: London, England  

    Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases

Mystery Night Movies Part 1

Mystery Night Movies Part 2

My Spine Is a Mess by Ira H. Gallen

Discovering Amazing Collectables at Housing Works Thrift Shop, plus  a rare look at the world of Rootie Kazootie with Ira H. Gallen

Your Favorite Neighborhood Mailbox, Columbus Ave.NYC with Ira H. Gallen

Joe the Forgotten Man on Columbus Ave NYC

"Near the Village, the Quiet Village The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

a pandemic folk tale captured

by Ira H. Gallen

This is a photo-essay of the last few month's of traveling as little as possible around my neighborhood, and recording the effects of a decaying race of inhabitants that have been decomposing, way before, the attack of the killer tomatoes rolled into town.


As a tourist attraction, over four decades ago we were famously known as "Needle Park".

Footnotes: There was a film called Panic in Needle Park, starring Al Pacino in 1972 that portrays life among a group of heron addicts who hang out in "Needle Park" (then-nickname for Sherman Square on Manhattan's Upper West Side near 72nd Street and Broadway)


 Upper Westside Dinning

 play photo essay

Mommy, Me,My Elevator and Our Medicare Adventures

Discovering Amazing Collectables at Housing Works Thrift Shop, plus  a rare look at the world of Rootie Kazootie with Ira H. Gallen

Voting with Betty Boop for President in 1932

with guest star Janet Leigh

Halloween Short Takes at Party City

co-starring Batman, Robin, Batgirl aka Yvonne Craig & Felix the Cat

 My E.K. G. Boomer Heart Test

In Memory of Sean Connery

Rare Aston Martin DB5, Corgi Toy Cars, Bond Bread commercial, and more.

Mystery Night Movies

Starring Horror animation legend Arthur George Hayward, and Ideal Toys King Zor

Traveling with My 94 Year Old Mother

Rain Out Side My Window 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023

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