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The wonderful world of Cars will be coming alive on this site once I get the support to organize the Hundreds of Television Commercials, Toys, Photo's, Sales Films and other Odd reels and Short Subjects devoted to automobiles  I've collected over the years. 

The Wonderful World of CARS

Under Construction

The Lost Oldsmobile Collection

Car Commercial List

Under Construction

I acquired a collection years ago of sixty minute  3/4 master Oldsmobile car commercial tapes, filled with rare and many thought lost television commercials. Slowly I need to digitize the entire collection ranging from the late 1940's through the 1970's.

Click:  Rough digital list of commercials,films, shorts and sales films

Click : Watch complete series of Jerry Lewis Oldsmobile Television Commercials  NBC 1958 and rare magazine ads.

Click : Watch other Oldsmobile  Commercials and more. 

Click : Oldsmobile  Magazine & Newspaper Ads.

CHEVROLET  Collection

Master Hands rare Chevrolet Car promotion1936 Jam Handy

Click: Chevrolet Films & Commercials

               - Under Construction-

History Gulf  Gas Stations  Campaigns 

-Under Construction-

Click: Gulf commercials & Advertisements


Classic Gulf stop-motion Commercial

-Under Construction-

Fill Up with DX Gasoline

DX Gasoline Animated Spot

Click: DX commercials & Advertisements


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