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Ira Gallen 2nd Unit Director with Director Chuck Bail on The Gumball Rally 1976

In Memory of Tab Hunter

In the 1950s, Tab Hunter is number one at the box office and number one on the music charts. He is Hollywood's most sought-after star and America's boy next door. Natalie Wood, Debbie Reynolds and Sophia Loren are just a few of the actresses he is romantically linked to. Nothing, it seems, can damage Tab Hunter's career. Nothing, that is, except for the fact that Tab Hunter is secretly gay. Click to download Tab Hunter Confidential at

I was lucky to have had Tab Hunter hanging out at my apartment in 1988 talking about his latest film Cameron's Closet and his career. All I can say is that he was a class act, and he will be missed.

Click: to order Tab Hunter Confidential

On Location with Director Sydney Pollock      Tootsie with Dustin Hoffman 1983

I'm on location with Director Sydney Pollack for the movie Tootsie in 1982 starring Dustin Hoffman and Jessica Lange. I worked with Dustin on Marathon Man and Kramer vs Kramer.

On location with Sydney Pollack

Part 2: Tootsie reveal on Park Ave

On Location with Director Sydney Pollack and Tootise 1983 Part 2: Closing scene and the Mail.

I first met Sydney Pollack on 3 Days of the Condor, 1975 as a production assistant. We almost got together on Electric Horseman to write a book on his film career, but that's another story. 


When he came to New York  making Tootsie he let me  shoot a behind the scenes look at the making of the film. It was also the first time Sydney and his Director of Photography Owen Roizman  were using video playback on his sets.

Director Sydney Pollack

Director Sydney Pollack 1983 Part 2: They Shoot Horses Don'y They? and Three Days of the Condor

Director Sydney Pollack 1983 Part 8: Jeramiah Johnson

Director Sydney Pollack 1983 Part 10: The Yakuza

Director Sydney Pollack                  Part 12: Electric Horseman and Robert Redford

The Director's Series

with John A. Gallagher

A remarkable interview with the legendary animator Ralph Bakshi in 1982.

Director Sydney Pollack1983 Part 9: The Way We Were

Ralph Bellamy

Ralph Bellamy Part 1

Working in a Stock Company

Ralph Bellamy Part 2

The Studio System

Ralph Bellamy Part 3

Working with Director Tay Garnett

Ralph Bellamy Part 4

Working at Paramount


Ralph Bellamy Part 5

Working with Leo McCarey

and Gregory LaCava

Ralph Bellamy Part 6:

Working at Universal Studio

Ralph Bellamy Part 7 Working with Director Howard Hawks on His Girl Friday

Ralph Bellamy Part 8 Working with Director Dorothy Arzner and the Studio System

Ralph Bellamy Part 9 Working with director Lloyd Bacon and others.

Director Interviews

by John Gallagher 

and Jim Vienerie

Director Marshall Brickman

Director Marshall Brickman Part 1: Talks about working with Woody Allen

Director Jim Henson

Director Jim Henson talks about The Dark Crystal and the future of video technology.

Ralph Bellamy Part 10: His first with Director George Hill and Clark Gable

Ralph Bellamy Part 11 Working with director Micheal Curtiz

Ralph Bellamy Part 12 Working with Directors Melvin LeRoy,Richard Brooks,Roman Polanski, and Otto Preminger

Ralph Bellamy Part 13 Working with Director John Landis and Trading Places

Director Franco Zeffirelli

Director Franco Zeffirelli talks about his latest film and career

Music Frank Zappa

Actor Tab Hunter

Actor Tab Hunter Part 1           Talks about Cameron's Closet

Actor Tab Hunter Part 2: Talks bout Natalie Wood, James Dean and other directors he worked with.

Actress Carrie Snodgrass


Actress Carrie Snodgrass part 2: Talking about her latest film Murphys Law with Charles Bronson 1986

Actor Gene Nelson

Actor Gene Nelson Part 2: Talking about his film career.

Ron Cobb Art Director

Ron Cobb Art Director part 1 Conan The Barbarian, Alien and others.

Ron Cobb Art Director 1982 Part 2 The Making of Conan the Barbarian

Ron Cobb  is an American cartoonist, artist, writer, film designer, and film director. By the age of 18, with no formal training in graphic illustration, Cobb was working as an animation "in-betweener" artist for Disney Studios in Burbank, California. He progressed to becoming a breakdown artist on the animation feature Sleeping Beauty (1959). (This was the last Disney film to have cels inked by hand.)


In 1981, Colorvision, a large-format, full-colour monograph appeared, including much of his design work for the films Star Wars (1977), Alien (1979), and Conan the Barbarian (1982), the first feature for which he received the credit of Production Designer. Cobb has also contributed production design to the films The Last Starfighter (1984), Leviathan (1989), Total Recall (1990), True Lies (1994), The Sixth Day (2000), Cats & Dogs (2001), Southland Tales (2006), and the Australian feature Garbo, which he directed. Cobb contributed the initial story for Night Skies, an earlier, darker version of E.T..

Director Wolfgang Peterson & Actor Jurgen Prochow

Director Wolfgang Peterson & Actor Jurgen Prochow Part 2: Mishaps on

Das Boot 1981

Director William Reichert

Director William Reichert 1983

Director Robert Downey Sr.

Director Robert Downey Sr. talks about career 1991

Director Alan Parker

Director Alan Parker talks about his film with Mickey Rourke & Robert De Niro on Angel Heart 1987

Director Paul Schrader

Director Paul Schrader part 3

Director Paul Schrader part 1

Director Paul Schrader part 2

Director Sam Raimi   Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn 1987              with an interview by John Gallagher

 Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn 1987 Part 1:Making the Movie

 Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn 1987  Part 2:Screenplay

 Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn    1987  Part 3: Screenplay

Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn       1987 Part 4: Working

 Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn     1987 Part 5: Ratings

 Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn       1987 Part 6: Special Effects

 Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn         1987 Part 7: Special Effects 2

 Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn    1987 Part 8: Ted Raimi

Actor Max Von Sydow

Part 1

Part 2

part 3

Part 4

Part 6

Part 5

Part 7

Part 8

Director Jason Miller

Jason Miller Actor talks about directing the film and writing the award winning play of The Championship Season

Jason Miller edited segment with clips from the movie

Andrei Sergeyevich Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky a Russian film director, film producer and screenwriter.   He was a frequent collaborator of Andrei Tarkovsky earlier in his career. He is the son of Natalia Konchalovskaya and Sergey Mikhalkov, and brother to Nikita Mikhalkov who is also a well known Russian film director.

Siberiade is a 1979 epic Soviet film in four parts, spanning much of the 20th century. It was directed by Andrei Konchalovsky, working for the Mosfilm studio.

Click: To buy the DVD of Siberiade at Amazon released through Kino 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023

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