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I'm updating the best of all the Classic TV Commercials, Television Shows and Films that I already digitized to create a rare and in most cases one of a kind library of images from The Golden Age of Television you won't find anywhere else.

​1. Classic Toy Commercials Vol:1 (60 min)

2. Classic Television Commercials Vol: 1 (60 min)

3. Hollywood Bloopers Vol:1 (60 min)

4.Classic Doll Commercials Vol: 1 (60 min) 


Mystery Night Montage (90 minutes) -this is a great introduction to my collection of rare classic trailers, outtakes, cartoons, soundies, film shorts  and more.

In Production:

Classic Sports Commercials Vol:1

Classic Doll Commercials Vol: 2

Classic Animation Commercials Vol: 1

Classic Car Commercials Vol: 1

Classic Boomer Women Commercials Vol 1-4

Classic Commercials Vol: 2-30

Classic Toy Commercials Vol: 2-5

Classic Cereal Commercials Vol: 1

Classic Toy Gun Commercials Vol: 1

Classic Beer Commercials Vol: 1

Classic Candy Commercials Vol: 1

All American News  1944 - 1948 Volume 1 (60 Minutes)   
All-American News was the first newsreels produced for a black audience.They were originally intended to encourage black Americans to participate in, and support the war effort, and to reflect an African-American perspective on world and national events

Lost History of America

Told Through TV Commercials


Broadway Open House 1950

starring  Jerry Lester 

Saving Thousands of Clio Award

Television Commercials

 16mm & 35mm Films and TV

Shows Decomposing in Storage.

Collectable posters, autographs, comics & memorabilia

 Rootie Kazootie 1950/52

16mm Kinescopes 

 Restoring 1970 CBS

"Caught n the Middle"

with Morgan Freeman

Surprises on Late Night TV

Before They Were Stars Spots

Help Restore The Art Ford Jazz Party Shows

16mm Prints from decomposing

This rare Dave Brubeck Jazz TV pilot needs to be restored or it will be lost to history.

First Project Restoring 2K Transfer

In the Middle 1970 CBS

starring Morgan Freeman


African American Films, TV Shows, and Memorabilia

The Storage Rooms in NY & NJ includes the lost

Restoring Celebrity Commercials before they where stars.

Restoring Lost TV Shows including CBS Live Kinescope “In the Middle” 1970 starring Morgan Freeman with Ira H. Gallen      220 West 71st Street NYC 10023      212 724 7055