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To: Edward Guiliano

       President of NYIT

Under Comstruction

SUBJECT: Saving My Film & TV Archives with New York Institute of Technology

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  One Man’s Obsession with the Past creates a wave of Nostalgia

                                           - Ron Alexander, The New York Times

 (Ira Gallen is) One of the Industry’s Top Tracers of lost film and Television.
                                           - New York Daily News

 These Commercials and Television Shows are a Social History of the way we were over fifty years ago, it’s more then a Nostalgia buff can stand.
                                            - Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight

As a graduate of NYIT in 1973 I thought this was a good time to bring a proposal to your attention, that would add greatly to the future enrollment and education of students with some unique and exciting programs related to film, television and the internet.

At the same time the schools founder  Dr. Alexander Shure, did tell me 48 years ago he owed me a favor down the line after I brought a major motion picture called Three Days of the Condor starring Robert Redford to the Long Island campus to shoot.


Dr. Alexander Shure makes a cameo in the movie bringing a message to actor Cliff Robinson at CIA Headquarters landing pad staged at NYIT

I soon began a career after school working my way from a production assistant, to an assistant director, director, and later a member of the Directors Guild of America.

A Past to Draw On

In the last 45 years since graduating NYIT I've gained the reputation at the age of 68 as the “TV, Toy and Nostalgia Guy” since I pioneered the popularity of reviewing toys, pop culture items and making use of historical stock footage on many leading news, movies, music videos, documentaries and television shows starting in the 1980’s.


My clients make up the Who's Who of the entertainment world: celebrities, major corporations, universities, scholars, and nostalgia fans worldwide.

Go Fund Me Save My Film & TV Archives

My Proposal

As you explore my proposal further you'll see I have one of the last of private celluloid Film and Broadcast tape archives in the country

When I started NYIT to study film and television theory and history the school had the same problem all other colleges around the country had that the text books or films needed to teach courses just didn't exist. The American Film Institute was in its infinity, video stores were talked about and the year before I graduated HBO was just starting up.

As vice president of the student body I established the first Movie Film Festivals, where I started renting and buying 16mm films that where sold on the underground collectors market to show at the school.


At the same time as the Movie Critic for the Campus Slate, I went to all the latest movie releases and meet the directors and actors from the films. I then started The Film and Speaker Series hosting a forum for students to meet the directors like Peter Yates, Cliff Robertson, and others.

ira tors 193.jpg

Focus On: Director PETER YATES 1972 produced by Ira Gallen for a school project at New York Institute of Technology.

John Wayne n Ira005.jpg

Oscar-winning actor Cliff Robertson, in a rodeo film he directed and starred in called J. W. Coop.

CIA Headquarters,Hallway & Office at NYIT


CIA Control Center built at the NYIT TV Studio

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Ira Pic020.jpg

​ Peter Yates (Bullitt), who offered me a job on his next picture. He was at the school to promote his latest picture The Hot Rock, starring Robert Redford. He asked if I would help scout locations with him and his art director for a film he was planning in New York called For Pete’s Sake with Barbra Streisand. It gave me a taste of the pre-production side of setting up a movie.  B

Ira n Gordon.jpg
Ira Pic012.jpg
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11742760_10153441872081063_3893293485014 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023 (212) 724 7055

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