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A collection of commercials and short films about beer. Beginning with the familiar mid-1960's BALLANTINE commercials ("Make a ring, and then another ring and then another ring..."), the tape runs through their early '60s counterparts ("Who is the Ale Man?" the chorus asks, over color shots of guys playing hockey, marlin fishing, deep sea diving etc.); the Ballantine commercial in which the man un-squeezes the beer can; a pair of incredibly funny award-winning British commercials for a local brand called COURAGE BEST, that will delight any longtime fans of the Andy Capp comic strip; a rotoscoped commercial for BEN TRUMAN export ale; a German commercial for PILSNER BAVARIAN BEER; an Australian spot, with cattlemen driving a herd, for CARLTON DROUGHT; a 1920's silent movie, DIE BIERBRAUEN, with German intertitles, showing how beer is brewed; a series of cartoon commercials for GUNTHER BEER, "the happiest taste in beer today," including two with Senor Wences; SCHAEFER and more!

Classic Beer Commercials from the 50s and 60s #3

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