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During the late Forties and mid-Fifties, Lustre Creme signed many starlets as well as seasoned professionals to do segments on their Lustre Creme TV campaign. These shampoo commercials with the famous and not-so-famous are an absolute nostalgia trip: Jeanne Crain, Jane Powell, Susan Kohner, Sandra Dee, Martha Hyer, Barbara Rush, Myrna Hanson, Vera Miles, Dorothy Malone, Shirley Jones, Piper Laurie, Joan Bennett, Rhonda Hendricks, Julia Mead, Ann Blyth, Janis Paige, Janet Blair, Audrey Totter, Arlene Dahl, Rhonda Fleming, Ann Sheridan, Laurie Nelson, Barbara Stanwyck, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Russell, Esther Williams, Anita Ekberg, Yvonne DeCarlo, and more!

The Lustre Cream Movie Star Collection

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