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Includes Tareyton cigarettes for Christmas, Dristan, Anacin, Heet, Bob Lemon speaking for Phillips Milk of Magnesia, Bayer Aspirin, Ionized Yeast for the gray sickness, Rockwood Chocolate with Cathy Norris, Blend Orange Juice, series of ROTC commercials on location at college, Calgon Bath Oil Beads by the water, Yoo Hoo Chocolate with Yogi Berra at a kids party, New York Telephone Commercials with Karen Allen, Champale with girls and Rolls Royce, Power Up Chocolate drink from Iroquois Brands, Yoo Hoo and a talking cow, Yoo Hoo and baseball game, Pink Champale, Chevrolet for 1958, Elgin Hour series of watch commercials, Mary Kay and Johnny for the United Steel Hour, Red Cross, Wizard Room Deodorizer (spice), Bob Page for Pall Mall cigarettes, Contac, Tide Hidden Camera with Mrs. John Schiegner of Belmont, California, Ballantine series and more.

Classic TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s - Vol. 11

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