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A great collection of Camel cigarette commercials with the cast of TOPPER -- Anne Jeffreys, Robert Sterling and Leo G. Carroll, Jello for Instant Pudding, Minute Rice Patio Salad, 7-Up, John Wayne against cancer, Skiing Miller Time, Caravelle Peter Paul candy, National Guard, U.S. environmental agency, Burger King, Georgia Power company, General Telephone brings a new style in phones, Mom and kids with Kool-Aid, King Vitamin cereal, on location with the making of the BEWITCHED TV show, Gillette Shavers (in Spanish), Insured Savings and Loan, 1964 Buick Riviera, 1966 Oldsmobile 98, 1964 Grand Prix, 1964 Wildcat Buick with actor Jim Davis (Father of J.R. Ewing on DALLAS), Avon Lipstick, Nelson Cass and Dave Garroway for General Motors and dancing service men, 1955 Chevy and the Motoramic car, Delco Battery commercial showing the making of a battery, Chevy 55 airvent in cars, Flagg Flyer shoes, Delco batteries for boats, Goebbel beer, 1955 Bel Air Chevy, Safety in the Home and more.

Classic TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s - Vol. 12

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