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One-a-Day vitamins with Jimmy Dodd, Coke, Trix Picka-Packa, Lawrence Welk promo, Snickers and the two-headed Dragon, Sid Melton and G-man needing a Fire Bolt Machine by Mattel to go after the bad guys, C-7 lettuce, Savings Bonds, Ozzie and Harriet promo, RCA picture tubes, Blatz Beer, Bosco, Ted Steele talking about the latest Elvis movie JAILHOUSE ROCK (a rare Elvis promo), Mike Wallace of 60 MINUTES doing a spot for Fluffy cake mix, Robert Merrill for RCA, Davis Cup tennis star Bill Talbert for Diabetes, Lucky Strikes for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Lucky Strikes series of animated spots, Chevy 1955, Altes Sportsman Beers, Inside a Chevy Engine (a great spot), Flagg Flyers, award-winning Drive Carefully series, Goebbel Beer, Chevy Rear Springs for 1955, and more.

Classic TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s - Vol. 15

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