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Including Betty Crocker Rice with Valencia Sauce, Volkswagen in the snow, Goodyear, Van Heusen Suits, Aunt Jemima, Great Western Savings, Country Club Malt Liquor, Frosted Flakes with Adam West, Cheerios, Chrysler, Mennen High Sierra Concentrate, Ever Sweet Orange Juice, Dupont Anti-Icer, Century Corning Wear (famous bull in a china shop scene), Loading a Kodak Insta-Matic while sky diving, Quilted Kaiser Foil (sponge test), Milkbone flavor snack, Allerest Time Capsule, American Library Association, Series of Ford spots with Bill McCutcheon and McLean Stevenson, Coke by the beach, Jamaica Tourism, BOAC, Dodge with old lady racing car, Cracker Jacks, 1964 Chevy (Mt. Eiger), Series of Buster Keaton spots with Speedy Alka Seltzer, Fly the Friendly Skies with United, Easter, Speak Easy, Zales Jewelry Store, Whirlpool Salesman, Toni Hair Coloring, Kodak Insta-Matic yesterday, Ban Roll-On, Excedrin Headache #1,040 with Charles Nelson Reilly, Paul Ford for Chevy trucks and more.

Classic TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s - Vol. 21

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