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King Zor, Nabisco, Dodge Coronet 1965, EXLAX, Van Heusen Playtex, Swanson Frozen Foods, Support Hose Stockings, Dapper Dan, Aqueduct, Astronaut Kid, Minute Rice, Wild Root, Mary Poppins-Nabisco, Rice and Wheat, Donald Duck and porky Pig Soakie, Spring Cigarettes, Big Shot, EJ Weaver, Duncan Yo Yo, PF Flyer Sneakers, Sting Fingers, Teflon, Buster Brown, Swanson Frozen Dinners, Chevy, Circus Coming, Fluffer Nutter, Wish Nik Doll, Schlitz, Young Dodge - Dart, Dodge Coronet, Dixie Cps, Lays Potato Chips - Bert Lahr, Dream Girl 1967, Jotto Mike Wallace, Sealy Posturepedic, Chicklets, Robert Kennedy - Abe Beam, Democratic Committee, The Bomb, Vanquish, Lysol, Comet, Crest, Ivory Soap, Lionel Trains and much more

Classic TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s - Vol. 26

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