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Gruenwatch - autowind, Rise Shaving Creme, BB Rolrite Pens, Ballard Biscuits, Duffs Cake, Ginger Bread Mix, Play Spray, Bubble Bath, Beauty Cream, Fresh Air Fund, Lestoil, Dennis The Menace for Kelloggs Rice Crispy, What's My Lien Promo, Beacon Wax, Micrin # 1, Pillsbury - Instant Flour, Gallo Wine, Final Touch, Jergens Lotion, Pledge, Paper Mate Pen, Contact, Smoke Goose Eleven Sausage, Spectrocint, Sweeta, Yuban Coffee, Uncle Ben's Rice, Excedrin, Maxwell House, Good Seasons, Shopsmith power tools, Bayer, Gobins - Pork Sausage, Soakie - Snow White, Topp Brass, Contac, Stay Puff Softener, Dubonet Wine, Van Heusen Shirts, Sweet Orr, Dixie Cup, Diet Rite Cola, Duncan Hines, Golden 65 Insurance, D-Zerta, Pepsi, Dodge Polara 1965, Dodge Dart.

Classic TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s - Vol. 34

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