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Duncan Hines cake mix, Dristan, Sweet Orr, Dixie Cups, Reader Digest Sweepstake, John Hancock Insurance, Orange Juice, Icypoint, Bobby Hull Hockey, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Sunshine Hi Ho, Hydrox Cookies, Hi Ho Crackers, Krispy, Prestone, Anti Freeze, Vanilla Wafers, Wilkinson Steel Blades, Blue Cross, Nabisco, Aqueduct Horse Racing, Fancy Crests, Hills Brothers Coffee, Wildroot, Philip Morris, Tenderleaf, Van Camp - Kidney Beans, Rye Thins Crackers, Roy Rogers Quick, Cheerios, Chatty Cathy, Birdseye, Excedrin, Support Stockings, Scotties, Schlitz Beer, Nationwide Insurance.

Classic TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s - Vol. 35

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