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This tape is filled with a lot of Japanese Commercials, this tape is a grab bag of surprises. I will list a few for you. Don't Throw Your Life Away " Japan Ad Council Marathon Runner, Poution Commercial, Lonesome Car Boy, Cofab Shock Absorbers, Costa Verde Tennis Cube, Estado De Sao Paulo Classified Ads, Claarin Classified Ads, Jornal Da Tarde, Oriental Soap, Oriental Shampoo, Sunnydrop Shampoo, Braas Hair Liquor, Valcan Cologne, Brut Light After Shave, Blaune Shampoo, Max Factor, Toothpaste, Carpets, Hitachi, Sharp, Oriental Air Conditioner, Ink Presser, Sewing Machine, Heinz Ravioli Tomato Sauce and a lot more.

Classic TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s - Vol. 37

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