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INTERNATIONAL Players Pipe Tobacco, Sulfrin Shampoo-Germany, Phillips, German, Roller Shave Razor-Germany, Remington Electric Razor-Germany, Reis-Fit Rice-French, Orlane Cosmetics-Italy, Orlane Cosmetic-British, Walls Heart Ice Cream Pop-British, Walls Soft Golden Ice, Cream-British, Square Deal Quix Dish Washing Liquid-British, Vesta Paella-British, Vim Cleanser-British, Lion Egge-British, Hartleys Jam-British, Players Richmond Cigarettes-Germany, Pepitas Chocolate-Germany, Puschkin Drink-Germany, Puschkin Drink-Germany, Findys Frozen Filets-British, Mazola Corn Oil-British, Jacobs Cream Cracker-British, Marmite Spread-French, Potato-Germany, Glucksklee Coffee Creamer-British, Jacobs Cream Cracker-British, Toffee Crisp Candy- French, Maggie Soup-British, Milk-British, Knorr Ready Meals, German Maggi Soup-Italy, Sanagola Candy-British, Campbells Soup-Italy, Arrigoni Olive Dil-British, Cadbury Chocolate-Italy, and a lot more.

Classic TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s - Vol. 43

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