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PSA Equal Pay for Women, Vitalis Hair Spray, Watership Down, Buitoni Spaghetti, American Airlines, Scope Mouthwash, Duracell Batteries, Mutual Life Insurance Company, Grape Nuts Cereal, Polaroid Camera, Mutual Life Insurance, 7UP Soda, insecticide, Dupont Fibers, Robert Hall, Russ Women’s Clothes, Bergen’s Mens Store, Hudson’s Food Store, Nestles Candy Bar, Jello Egg Custard, 7UP Soda, Plymouth Duster, Ivory Soap, Poli-Grip, Ivory Soap, Snowy Bleach, Corn Flakes, Product 19 Cereal, Pillsbury Four, Pillsbury Pancake Mix, Marlboro Cigarettes, Glad Bags, Consumer Product Safety PSA, Borateem Detergent Haggar Slacks, United Way PSA, Lady Sunbeam Electric Shaver, Armstrong Ceiling, Epic Floor Wax, Camay Soap, Old Gold Cigarettes, Frosted Flakes, Good Seasons Dressing, AD Council PSA, Borateem Detergent, Haggar Slacks, Esso, Minute Rice, T.V. Guide, Kitchen Aid Dishwasher, Kentucky Fried Chicken, "Give a Hoot Don't Pollute" PSA, Hamms Beer, Frosted Flakes, Haggar Slacks and more.

Classic TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s - Vol. 48

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