Chicklets Gum, Don Eldorado Puerto Rican Rum Spanish, Children’s Shoe - Spanish, Firestone Tires - French, Young Jeager Clothes Store - British, Tarax Toilet Cleaner - British, Bridal Store - Spanish, Shoes - Spanish, Catalogue - German, Wine, Lois Jeans, Calvin Kline Activwear, Citroen, Peugeot, Bridgestone Tire, Flexi Bank Teller, Independent Bankers of Minnesota, Henry Weinhard Beer, Diet Pepsi, Life Cereal, Trebor Mints, After Eight Mints, Shell Gas, Shesheido Shampoo, Scoundrel Revlon Perfume, Spanish Yogurt, Dakota Farms Cheese, Detroit Zoo, Raisins, Heinz Ketchup, National T.V. Set, Commodore Computer, G.E. Rechargeable Batteries, SOS Pads, Tokio Marine Insurance Co., Independent Life Insurance, Book "The fate of the earth" Jonathan Schell, Time Magazine, IBM, Polaroid Camera, Purina Cat Food, Wear Seatbelts PSA. Stop Handguns, Kodak Film, Footman, Toys R Us, Air Canada, Club Med, TRW Company, Worm War Video Games, Channel #5, Hallmark, Trimpork, Henry Weinhard Beer + more.

Classic TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s - Vol. 50