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Gig Young on the set of OUR MISS BROOKS with Eve Arden and Gale Gordon recreating a radio show with sound effects and a scene from their hit show with the famous "Sandwich Scene", Clint Walker introduces a promo for his Western show CHEYENNE highlighting Dennis Hopper, Durwood Kirby for All detergent, Chesterfield cigarettes, G.E. TV sets with automatic on and off switch, G.E. electric skillet, Ipana Tooth Paste, Ban, Arthur Godfrey talking about Bufferin, Camay Soap, G.E. Pocket transistor radios, Chesterfield, G.E. TV's starting at $99.50, Coming Attractions for SUGARFOOT, WYATT EARP, GUESTWARD HO, DONNA REED, MY THREE SONS, CHEYENNE, THE RIFLEMAN, COLT .45, the 12 most wanted games from Coleco for 1975, Coleco Ice Hockey, Coleco Sales Films attacking rival companies stealing their ice hockey game idea, Hazel Bishop cosmetics, RCA Victor TVs on Kukla Fran and Ollie, Nabisco, Borden's Milk Shake, Winkie Dink and You TV screen.

Classic TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s - Vol. 07

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