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Includes Swivel Shot Holster, Little Burp Gun, Buffalo Hunter Set, Shootin' Shell Winchester and knife, Fanner Joe, Colt Six Shooter Rifle, Overland Stage Set, Durahide Holsters, Snub Nose .38, Greenie Stick 'Em Caps, Blaze, Tommy Burst, Detective Set, Fastest Gun Holster, Two Gun Wrangler, Plainsman Holster Set, Buckle Gun Holster, Push Out Your Stomach, The Trail Boss with Two Guns, Water Rifle Sound Gun, Dick Tracy Power Jet, Power Jet Gun with Billy Mumy from LOST IN SPACE, Winchester Reproductions, Saddle Gun, SUPER CIRCUS, Johnson and Johnson First Aid Creme, Black Patch, Mighty Mouse for Colgate, and much more.

Kids TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s Vol. 10

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