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Bucky Beaver Space Man for Ipana Toothpaste, Pirate Party with Armour Franks, Baker's Instant Chocolate with Jiminy Cricket, Matty Mattel tells Sister Bell it's time to watch how Mattel's Winchester Rifle saved the West, Scotch Brand tape with premium flying saucer, The Vitamin Game for One a Day with Jimmy Dodd, Coke and a Walrus, Trix, Lawrence Welk promo, PF Flyers, The Mars Candy Man in the Snickers factory, Sid Melton plays a GI in a Mattel spot for Fire Bolt Guns, Cy Lettuce, Sickers Dragon, Morton Salt with a surprise voice, Savings Bonds, Ozzie and Harriet coming attraction, Mattel's Shoot n' Shell Fanner 500 sets and Greenie Stick 'Em caps, Swift Premium for charts of baseball players Bill Pierce, Gil McDougal and player standups, Swifty Flyers for PF Flyers, Mattel's Tommy Burp and Thunder Burp guns, Cheerios Kids Football, Bosco Chocolateers with Dick Van Dyke and Tex Antoine, Ted Steele for Elvis Presley's new film JAILHOUSE ROCK, Kid dreams of owning a Chevy and more!

Kids TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s Vol. 05

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