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Let's freak you toy people with a great series of Soaky commercials selling Palmolive plastic containers filled with liquid bubble bath of the Chipmunks, Munsters, Mickey Mouse and Mouseketeers, Donald Duck and Porky Pig, Snow White and Dopey Disney soap, a great series of US Keds sneaker spots with the classic Spacepack Astro Pack, Maltex cereal, Maypo, Matty soap and toys, One a Day vitamins, Hostess Cakes, Cream Farina, Puppetrina by EEGEE, Chocolate Mix, Nifty Loose-leaf paper, Flutter the Butterfly collecting kit, Rub On by Hasbro, ManiYak, Jack Frosted Chocolate Milk, Turkish Taffy, Almond Cluster, Dunkin Donuts, Funny Bones, Drake's Cakes, Golden Cakes, PF Flyers with Johnny Quest, Nabisco Space Guy, Dell Books, Smilin' Ed for Buster Brown shoes, a great series of Alka Seltzer commercials with everybody's favorite little guy Speedy Alka Seltzer. You'll see Buster Keaton co-starring with Speedy and more.

Kids TV Commercials of the 50s & 60s Vol. 08

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