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WOMEN’S COMMERCIALS Vol. 4 (Approx. 60 min.)

Take a look into womens commercials of the fifties and sixties with : Support Hose, Bumble Bee, Beacon Floor Wax, Jergens Lotion, Johns Meats Kilbasse, Top Brass, Beacon Floor Wax- pogo stick, Doublemint Gum, Broadcast Hash, Ajax, Support Hose, Palmolive Liquid, TAB, Tech Set n Forget Hair Spray, Muriel, Lysol, Snowflake Saltine, Maybelline Eyelashes, Nair, Dippity Do, Deep Magic Cream, Happy Face, Sardo Bath Oil, Secret Deodorant, Gillette Razors, Final Touch, Diet Pepsi, GE Hair Spray, Dial Soap, Listerine, Clairol Picture Perfect Color, Halo, Glo Coat-Heel Marx.

LOST WOMEN ON TV Volume FOUR ( approx 60

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