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Mr. Machine, Electro Shot Shooting Gallery, Lionel Trains Sets, Slinky 70's, Gaylord, Trik-Trak, Johnny Comes Marching Home Cannon, Roy Rogers Telephone Set and Chuck Wagon, Bonanza Action Figures, Blaze Rocking Horse, Shoot-N-Shell Winchester, Dick Tracy 2 Way Wrist Radio, Dick Tracy Tommy Gun and Snub Nose, 007 Action Pack - James Bond, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Message Pen, Barbie’s Dream House, Ken, Chatty Cathy and Costume Sets, Patti Play Pal, Shirley Temple Dolls, Betsy Wetsy Invention Short, G.I. Joe, Tiger Joe, The Diving Sub, Astro Base and Helmet, Mystery Date, Mattel’s Lie Detector Game, Secret Squadron Club and Captain Midnight, Navy Frogman in Kelloggs Cereal, Flying Superman in Corn Flakes, Soaky and the Chipmunks, Soaky Speed Toys, Gilbert Toy Promo Short, Deluxe Man In Space Set, Fred Scott for Ideal Count Down Rocket, Johnny Astro.

Television Toys from the 50s & 60s Vol. 01

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